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Logan's Room

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It took us 6 months to finally clean out the extra room and make it into the "BABY's ROOM."

Before he was born, Logan's room was just a guestroom and we knew that my husband's parents would be occupying that room for a while so we didn't do anything to it. After they left, I didn't know what to do with it! He started moving a lot so I needed something for him to safely land on, and baby-proof everything. We decided to keep the guest bed for later when Logan is old enough -- since he sleeps in our room in the Pack n Play with a mattress, we don't really need to buy a new bed for him, at least for now. Maybe later, I can buy Magic Bumper, so that he doesn't fall off the bed. 

Carpet and curtains are from Ikea, and I also got the fabric for the pillow covers from there as well. 


The pillowcover is just a simple knife-edge pillow, with invisible zippers so that I can clean them as often as I should. Logan LOVES the bright colors and often points at the drawings, as if to say, "OMG THIS LOOKS DELICIOUS!" Haha.. I wish.

2 days before he turned 7 months, he started crawling. Now I am getting SERIOUS about baby-proofing. Plastic covers or brown paper bags attract him, He would crawl towards anything that makes noise, or whenever he sees Candy or Bagel so now I have to make sure that I keep an eye on the doggies too. So far, they are ok with Logan, but with Bagel's shyness and Candy's feisty temperament, I need to be careful! :)

O and Rex Wrecks It! is Logan's favorite book right now (I think Rex reminds him of Mr. Dino, his favorite toy!)