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Just some WIPs..

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No new FOs, just some WIPs.

I have finished the knitting portion of the Playful Stripes cardigan for Logan. Instead of using different CC (Contrast Color) yarns, I just used the variegated colorway, Slime Time, from Oink Pigment to match the MC (Main Color) yarn, Dill with it, also from Oink Pigment.


I don't know if I love how the colors started to pool a little bit, but I guess it kept the knitting interesting. The yarn is also an uneven yarn, I found out. It's not as drastic enough to call it thick-and-thin yarn but it is definitely uneven and feels more like handspun. And it's supposedly 100% merino wool (superwash) but it's more crispy and not as soft as other merino wool yarns I have worked with. Still, I love this lime-green color which I am obsessed with lately.

And as soon as I was done knitting the Playful Stripes, I cast on for PJs for Logan. It suddenly became chilly at nights, the typical desert weather. It's now below 50 degrees in the mornings, and Logan has been waking up with cold hands and feet. And since most place don't make sleep suits for his size anymore, I either have to put him in a sleep sack, which he hates, or I have to make one.

I chose to knit this in Aran weight yarn which is thicker than what the pattern calls for but chose to go down a needle size so that the fabric is thicker and more dense. I had these Stitch Nation Alpaca Love yarn from few years ago, which I scored at Michaels for $2.99 per ball. I love how it's all natural yarn and love the twist in it. And so affordable! I don't know if they still make this yarn anymore.

That's it! I'm ready for the weekend!