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Logan socks

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Just a couple of days left in the year, and I am so glad I was able to finish these socks.

Plain socks in Regia sock yarn.

Plain socks in Regia sock yarn.

I brought a ball of Regia and the trusty Size 0 needles to the hospital when I went into labor. I delivered Logan, had like 4 hour skin to skin until they moved me to the recovery room, then the husband slept on my bed with the baby in the bassinet next to us. I quietly cast on for this new pair of socks while winding down from such a grand event. 

I knitted while I waited for my meals, and then more when we loaded our car to drive home. I knitted while Logan ate 12 times a day, and knitted when I couldn't sleep. Eventually, I moved the knitting bag into my car when he no longer had to be fed all the time but fell asleep often in the car. 




I finally finished the first sock at Yarnosphere last October and cast on for the second one immediately. The second one went by faster, since I didn't have other work anymore... i decided to call this pair Logan socks, because every time I look at these, I will be taken back to that night in March, when I held my baby son and called his name for the very first time.

This year's theme has been "family time." Often, I think people sacrifice time or making memories because they think earning a cushy life for the family comes first. But looking at my baby's sweet fave when he discovers new things or remembering my mom, I think the most important thing in life is making memories with our family and close friends. Nothing else is as valuable as that. 


I hope everyone who celebrate it, had an awesome Christmas, and hope that everyone is having safe and memorable holidays!