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Happy New Year (was that too late?)

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No, in many Asian culture that used to use Chinese lunar calendar, it's not new year until this weekend. HAH.


I give you this beautiful spinning I have been working on for the past few weeks. A friend of mine requested a handspun yarn for her to crochet a sweater for her mom. We decided on a color, I dyed my merino while my dad was staying with us in December, and now I am spinning it everyday.

The first bobbin came out to be around 150g. I packed it so nicely, and the single is really fine. I am going to n-ply it, and even then it will be light fingering weight. 

Having a crafty passion with a little baby is hard. Logan is now walking, getting better and better everyday. I am hiding all my  needles, yarns, pins, hooks, machines, combs, whatever I have around the house that looks like it could attract and hurt the baby. And even when I think I got it all, he find stuff all the time! One day, my husband was holding him on our couch, watching tv, and then we noticed that he was chewing. We didn't give him any food yet. So one of us held him down while the other looked inside his mouth, and he was chewing a stitch marker. OMG. 

The good news is that he is definitely interested in what I do, so he would stand over at his play pen, and watch me spin on my Ladybug for a while. And I set the wheel up right near the bedroom door so I can get to him immediately when he wakes up.

BTW, why do babies wake up and make noises like they're in pain? Logan doesn't cry anymore but he always grunts and whines like he just woke up from a painful ordeal. As soon as he sees me at the door, flashes that smile that melts my heart into a gooey mess.