Candy + Bagel

Responsibly Handmade Fashion by Jean Chung


Jean ChungComment

Hope everyone is ok from the earthquake. I thought the upstairs people who may be 300lbs for all I know might be having a dance-off. But when the people outside by the pool started saying OH SHIT EARTHQUAKE, I knew I had to duck under my table. With knitting needles in hands. I was working on a thick sweater and it was cushiony enough haha. See how knitting makes you survive through a lot of things. As soon as I checked the USGS website, I tried calling Sue and then Karen who works in Sherman Oaks but the phone was down for about 15 minutes afterwards. Looks like the aftershock already happened, about 3 hours later. 2.5 or something like that of magnitude.

Anyhow, I have the knitting group meetup tonight at Coffee Beans @ Beach Blvd. =)