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Waiting for the Olympics to start...

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Finally it's tomorrow. 8/5 5AM here in California will mark the beginning of the Beijing Olympics 2008. Why am I so excited about the Olympics?

Oh, I could care less about the sports.. HAHA

I'm excited because, as the Beijing Olympics starts, Ravelympics 2008 will start too!

I finished my beautiful sweater few days ago and I couldn't start on my vests until 8/5 so I'm knitting my sister a winter scarf. Yeah a little early but o well. I was swatching for a cushion I'll be making during the Ravelympics and it involved following a chart I made.. I wanted to make a "fake" Prada cushion in purple and black, two of my favorite colors.

My sister saw me doing it and she wanted a scarf out of it so we went to the store together and picked the yarns: Caron Simply Soft! I know! I've been waiting to try that out for the longest time. It's one of the softest acrylic yarns I've ever felt around. Which is great because I don't use wool or other animal fiber and some acrylics don't drape well.

A scarf for my sister

But this is draping really well and 3 x 2 ribbing makes it really stretchy.
Can't wait till I block it and see how that looks.
The pattern I used was from: I live on a farm...
Also a Raveler by the name of, Firefly8868
I followed the pattern for New York scarf, but added about 14 rows of stockinette stitches for the "Prada" logo part. I used the same weight yarn as the pattern but since I'm a very relaxed knitter, I went down to Sz 3 needles. I think it's making it a little denser than I imagined but I've knitted almost half of it already so I'm not gonna go back. I'll just have to try adjusting it when I block. It's ok though. It looks like Firefly herself used smaller needles than "recommended"
I stayed up until like 2 last night, knitting mindlessly but focusing on the moot court competition prep. Been looking up some laws and sample briefs at the library and I was trying to just organize them all. I finished the cover page to get it out of the way... And then I tried to make the first few pages of ToC, ToA, Jx, etc.. From what I remember about last year's competition, that part forever to organize... simply because I've never done the "Opinion Below" or "Jx" part. The internal competition I did and the first year Legal Writing didn't have them, although the setting was in Supreme Court of California for the Legal Writing one.
Anyhow, I should get to school and print out some of these stuff. =)