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The first FO since the school began

Jean ChungComment

We began school on 8/18/2008. I had my externship interview on 8/19, got the call back on 8/20, prepared paperworks by 8/22. The moot court competition started on 8/25. Basically I had some stellar two weeks since this semester began. But I managed to finish something!

Moot court competitions always scare me. For some reason, ever since I came to law school, I started doubting my public speaking skills. Joining Moot Court was my desperate attempt to remedy it. I love doing it especially when the problem involves something I love learning about. And this one, yes, I LOVE THE PROBLEM.

But that also means, I actually ENJOY doing the research, and I've been just focusing on learning about international trademark. I have so much reading to do for classes now lol.

So then, why do emotions run wild when it's the most inconvenient time to even have emotions? Does it say something about the weakness of my soul, that I want to depend on someone for emotional support? Or does it say something about immaturity of my heart, that I just never learned to block inconvenient and unnecessarily complicated feelings?