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The Election Day is coming up very soon. California is buzzing, especially with Prop8. If passed, this bill will prevent gay couples from getting married. It took almost 50 years since Stonewall for California Supreme Court to finally rule for gay marriage.

I've been trying to distancing myself away from the discussion of Prop8, as I am so tired of being attacked and feeling like I'm talking to a wall. But sitting in mass today, listening to this 80-year-old white male who calls himself a priest, deliverer of God's messages, preaching us to vote yes on Prop8 because we have to protect our children in this society left a sour taste in my mouth. He called today's society too much pleasure-orietned and less truth-oriented.

I hve endured men preaching us women about the importance of baby's right to life and preservation against abortion. And in some sense, I can understand why it could be a moral issue from the Catholic church's view.

But today's homily about gay marriage was a bit too much. How is gay marraige even an issue for the church to address?

John Rawls, in his book Political Liberalism explained exactly what I think justice should be about.

The theory of justice is overlaaping consensus, that results in what is right, not what is good. In other words, what is right may not sound good to one individual.

There are a public realm nd private realm.

In a private realm, like that of the church, you'll obviously try to defie what is good. Whatever you decide upon is none of my business. I probably won't agree with you anyway.

But in the public realm, like in a democratic election, a republic such as USA, what matters is "what is right." The standard of justice will be accepted by all isnce it is an overlapping consensus among individuals.

What is right?

1) We know that marriage is a person's fundamental right. The U.S. Supreme Court said so. As long as we live in this country, U.S. Supreme Ct opinions rule us.

2) marriage is a private matter. It is not a request for society's approval, "oh yes, you guys make a good couple" Marriage is LIFE. By denying marriage, you're denying someone's life. Your rights as a citizen is no larger than the one sitting next to you. Who are you to deny or disapprove of someone else's life?

3) Many Prop 8 supporters use religion as reasons, that gay marriage threatens the sanctity of marriage--well, their reasoning threatens the sanctity of democracy. Many souls bled to preserve separation between state and religion. There's one absolute moral standard that is universally applicable and supported--democracy. Even if you don't agree with how someone lives his or her life, you have to fulfill your duty as a citizen and protect that person's right.


Perhaps I should have sat down and really outline my thoughts to make more sense. But I didn't and I apologize for such a terrible structure and organization. But the bottom line is, do the right thing. It may not be a "good" thing for you personally. But putting aside all your religious, personal values, consider what is right for the country; do what's right.