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What a crazy month has it been... Going to church every Sunday is becoming harder and harder. I am so sick of hearing people mixing their religious views with politics. It's absolutely sickening. They need to go back to high school Government class and relearn this concept called "the separation of church & politics." Perhaps this is exactly why Founding Fathers didn't want the general public to have any say in politics. The general public, the vast majority of it, does not have the ability to think about politics. When an average person says, "i'm interested in politics," it actually means s/he likes to apply his self-interested values and reasons to controversial political issues.

So I started something new today. I went to church, prayed as usual, and during the homily, I pulled out my Evidence outline and started studying. I didn't do it surreptiously. I put my outline wide on my lap, with a pencil in my hand, and read. When the homily was over, I put it aside and continued focusing on the mass.

I'm sure that people around me noticed. And I'm sure that many of them were offended or thought that I was weird. I'm gonna keep doing it until the priest and other members of the church STOP talking about political issues from the church's point of view, and start thinking on their own.  And I'll start listening to the homily IF they actually start talking about the readings and bigger Christian values.