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I had another seizure last Saturday. This time, it hit me out of nowhere; I was walking to school and just went into having a seizure. I woke up in the ambulance again. Well, after spending some time doing research, I found out that seizures are pretty common. I dont need to be taken to the hospital by ambulance every time.

These are the things you need to do if you find me go into a seizure.

1. Put me down in a laying down position, and remove anything near me that may hurt me (sharp objects, etc)

2. Put me on my side, so if I throw up or something I wouldnt choke.

3. DO NOT PUT FORCE MY MOUTH OPEN OR PUT SOMETHING IN MY MOUTH. It is a common myth that people can swallow their tongue during a seizure. In fact, both you and I can get hurt if you try to do this. This should not be done even by the paramedics.

4. Wait till my seizure is over; I am told that a seizure could last anywhere from 90~120 seconds.

5. After a seizure, I may fall asleep or appear dazed and confused. You dont have to shake me or talk to me loudly. Ill wake up eventually. Do not try to feed me or make me drink something when I am not fully alert yet.

I still have to go see a doctor, but when I had the MRI done, the doctor eliminated any chance of a brain tumor. Both times that I had seizures happened after a night of drinking alcohol on an empty stomach after days of starving myself, and then skipping breakfast as well. Both times happened in the A.M. Both times, the nurses told me that I had hypoglycemia (low blood sugar); Im not diabetic. Both times, the doctors did not think that I would need anticonvulsant medication. No, I do not know anyone in my family who has epilepsy or other seizure disorders.

True, many people skip meals, especially breakfast, and drink alcohol, but they dont get seizures. But then again, I have a history of having an eating disorder and am still battling it.

So thats that.

On the other hand, I finished a lot of knitting projects since the last time I updated here.


This hat was for White Elephant Gift Exchange; made with left-over yarn.



Dishcloths - for Stacy's wedding present

Army dishcloth - for Paul, my date to the wedding

I'm really into making hats now; they're wearable, but very very quick. So even if I were to buy expensive yarns, it wouldn't be so bad for my wallet. =)

I am also done with Karen's scarf but I don't wanna post it just yet. So wait until I actually give it to her, folks. =)