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Evidence Final tomorrow

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I'm trying not to kill myself right now. I HATE FINALS!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to get this over with and crawl back into bed with my knitting needles and just knit a hat or something. And I started my own group on; It's Forever21 Knitting Group that does Forever21-inspired knitting projects: Click Here to Join.

Last Saturday, I went to my BFF Karen's work party. Her firm had its Christmas party at Universal City Hilton. Well I still have a huge bruise on my knee area from falling and having a seizure last week so I wore a pair of black wide-legged pants. But I wanted something cute as accessories, so I won't look like I came straight from work or something. Well on the train ride to Glendale, I made this:


Using Christine Bag pattern as inspiration, I finished it a little different (since I wanted a clutch), and used lighter weight yarn (the pattern asks for super bulky; mine is bulky)

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky Solid (in Gray)

Pattern: Christine Bag

Time: 1.5 hrs?

Finishing: I first cut the ribbon (clutch length + maybe 10 inch), whip-stitched the ribbon to the clutch. Then I folded the thing in half, sewed the sides shut. I then pull the whip-stitches to the center, as tightly as possible, so that the shape of the clutch would be in a shell-shape, rather than the rectangular shape.

That was it for me; I might go to Michaels or something to buy a magnetic button or velcro for the opening later. Or even line the bag. Who knows. =)

Alright. Back to Evidence. Yuck.