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Knitting + Law.. We weren't the firsts.

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Lincoln was!! For the celebration of Lincoln's Birthday, our law library at Whittier Law posted some trivia of Lincoln in our display box.



He used to go to these yarn swap meets and told funny stories. =)

I thought I was hallcinating and seriously considered stop with the knitting craze, for about 1.5 seconds when I thought I saw "yarn" in the display box. And I looked again, and there it was, "yarn." haha so we were NOT the first ones, the knitting lawyers. Well, I doubt Mr. Lincoln knew how to knit but still, he was at the yarn swaps. =P

I haven't really been updating here I guess. I've been busy with school and work at the DA's office. And I'm getting over the cold. I have like NO immune system because I get seriously sick twice a year when the weather changes. I got sick last February, then October, and now, against February. Well, at least I'm consistent. =P Good thing the bar is in July....

I finished a lot of projects. Here are some.

Gray Raglan Sweater

A neckwarmer

Valpuri Sweater

I especially love the valpuri sweater. I've worn it 3 times that week when I completed it. I'm actually wearing it now too. lol. And I LOOOOOVE how Red Heart Super Saver gets reeeeeeally soft after a wash. All you non-believers, go find a skein of Super Saver at your nearest Wal*Mart, Michaels, or Jo Ann.. Knit up a swatch, and put it in the washing machine, and then the dryer. TELL ME i'm wrong. Is it not soft? Is it not as lusciously colorful as the color in the skein? Can you do that with wool? BOO YA didn't think so!

I am falling in love with my Cascade 220 Superwash... I normally don't work with animal fiber but I gave in when it was on sale for $5/skein and it was just too beautiful. Purple! And I really wanted to make this cardigan "Longoria's Something"

I still can't afford to spend a lot on expensive yarns, and can't justify it even if I could afford it... And I'm too busy (or lazy) to handwash everything I make, so I'm gonna stick to acrylic or acrylic blends as much as possible. But seriously, this superwash thing is perfect because I can put it in the machine!!! =P

The DA's office is enjoying the 5-day weekend (Lincoln's Bday & President's Day)...