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My last day @ DA's Office

Jean ChungComment

Today was my last day at the OCDA's office. Aw... I really enjoyed externing with them. Everyone was so nice and so supportive. I'm gonna miss working there.. On the other hand, Finals Crunchtime has begun. From today, Marty and I are going to study hardcore. I even set up a schedule for us.

Another thing, we started Atkin's Diet. I had great success with it when I was non-vegan and in my opinion, it is the easiest way to jump start a long-term weight loss program. I started working out since a week ago as well. I'm eating vegetarian for now, but I heard that there is this really great book on vegan low-carb diet that a lot of vegans recommended me. This one person I talked to said that her blood pressure went down just in 2 months that her doctor practically did a little dance.