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Oh god..

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So my computer DIED about 3 days ago while I was working on my shift at the library. I figured out why I couldn't connect to the internet at school; Clean Access Agent does not support AVG 8.0+, at least not the version that our school is currently using. I heard from some other forum that the very newest one does, but apparently, our school doesn't use that version yet.

So I installed 7.5 again. After the installation was over, it started picking up all this virus in my registry files. So I kept clicking "Heal" After a restart, everything was supposed to work.

Instead, the computer DIED. It kept rebooting, without actually getting to Windows.

After hours of crying, biting lips, and cussing, I found these guys at UCI, who miraculously resuscitated my computer and now I'm happy again. Whew.

To think that I'd have to abandon a 4-year relationship with my laptop RIGHT before the most important exams in my life (Last Finals in Law School + CA Bar Exam).. I've been thinking about getting a netbook after this computer, with longer battery life but not NOW. Not when I'm about to embark on a 3-month No Sleep, No Fun, No Money bar prep.. Maybe when I'm done with the bar exam and start looking for a job, yeah, maybe then, but definitely not now.

In the mean time, I'll update a picture of Marty's vest; I made it for him few months ago. It fits nicely on him (Chest 38~39) but he wants it a little longer. I'm gonna see if I can pick up stitches around the 2x2 ribbing on the bottom.

My first gift to Marty as his girlfriend.

The yarn I used is Patons Classic Merino Wool.. It's, as many knitters know already, very basic wool, pretty soft and sturdy, your everyday wool. Nothing too fancy. I love the fact that I pay about $4~5 for 220 yds. Between this and cascade 220, I sometimes prefer Patons. To me, it feels a lot more squishier.. a little more splitty (220 is pretty well plied) but still.

I think my next project for him is going to be more fun project.. Perhaps argyle? And definitely mashine washable. I'm all in love with mashine washable things in life.

Speaking of washing wool, Marty and I bought this few weeks ago:

Around $20 at Costco.

I use the blue ones in the kitchen, and use the yellow ones for my fiber projects. They're so handy when I dry unraveled yarn, or handwashed sweaters. So convenient, I must call it my Best Purchase of 2009.