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Bar Bri

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Day 2 of BarBri. I had a terrible toothache since Saturday. I guess the bright side is that the pain reminds me why I need to pass this thing on the first try: a dental plan. =P

It's a lot better today after few doses of aspirin and Listerine. At least I can smile without screaming in pain.

Today's BarBri was a lot better than yesterday. At least I could stay awake, which meant I got more questions on MBE right. =) Afterwards, though, I couldn't bear to look at another page of Conviser, so I left and went to a hot yoga class. It's been almost a year since my last class! I definitely needed it because I've been noticing that I got a terrible back pain if I sit for more than a couple of hours. I love yoga because during the 90-minute class of such physical challenge, all I can focus on is every muscle in my body and nothing else. No worries, problems, no bar stuff. =) If you're one of those people who think yoga is all meditation and no workout, you must try either Bikram or Vinyasa yoga. Bikram is the one I like (hot yoga); it burns up to 800~900 calories a session, and builds strong muscles without compromising flexibility. At least a half of the class is men so if you happen to be a guy who thinks yoga is only for women, you won't feel so left out in one of these classes.

Anyways~ Con law and Evidence tomorrow. At least they're subjects I really like. Then more studying. =) Oh, I miss knitting.... ;)