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Diminishing Cardigan and ALMOST THERE

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<Bar> It's amazing. Only about a week left till THE DAY. I'll be heading up to Ontario next Monday.

I've been trying to put a positive spin on this whole bar exam thing for a long time: Example) I searched for yarn shops nearby= none, well not close enough anyway. 2) good food? Maybe, but being vegetarian, there aren't that many options there either, 3) shopping? I know there's Ontario Mills; I've been to it, it's ok, reminds me of home in Atlanta (We have Discvoery Mills).

I'm not as stressed out as I expected or as other people who are taking the bar. I think that's how it is generally for most people at our school. I'm listening to people freak out about their exams in different states, even though their passage rates are something as absurd as 80%!

I am also blessed with almost-photographic memory; but cursed with lack of stamina. As recommended by our professors, I tried to study close to 10~12 hours in the last two weeks. Can't be done. First day was ok, but from the second day, I kept falling asleep in the afternoon, and couldn't get up in the morning.

So here's my new schedule; shorten every block suggested by the school by 1 hour. So I start studying around 9~12:30. I'm really a morning person so I am more efficient in the morning. I memorize the approach for a subject per day in the morning. Lunch. Then come back, relax for a bit, and start against at 3pm~6pm, going over some practice questions and essays. I try to write out at least 1 essay, but mostly outline. If there's a topic that I'm not really good at, I'll write out the IRAC. Then I have dinner, and I simply relax, and go over the rules again from 8~9:30/10. So that's about 8 hours.

Right now, I'm feeling calm, and ready. Feeling pretty confident. Just have to keep this up.


I thank knitting for keeping me sane throughout this whole process. I started on this Diminishing Rib Cardigan from Interweave Knits when Bar/Bri began. Understandably, I'm not as prolific as I used to be during the school year, but I'm almost done with this cardigan. I may be able to wear it to Ontario!

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Tubular CO was ignored, but I liked Tubular Bind Off.  But I can't decide whether it looks SUBSTANTIALLY nicer than EZ's Sewn-off bind off, which I think is easier than tubular bind off.

I am working on the sleeves using 2-at-a-time, my favorite way of doing the sleeves. I always do my sleeves on one long cable needle because 1) I like doing it once, and get it over with, 2) I don't want to run out of yarn.

I'm one inch into the last 3x1 ribbing on the sleeves so I'll probably be able to finish up the sleeves tomorrow, and then bind off by Wednesday. =)