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Long time no post

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It has been a while since my last post, which was written just days before the bar exam. <Bar Exam>

It went well. I'm waiting to hear the result in November. Until then, I am "not a student, not yet an attorney" somewhere in between, and sadly unemployed. If anyone knows an attorney looking to hire a law clerk, let me know please!

<Knitting> Oddly enough, I knit way more when I was studying for the bar than now. Now, I have plethora of UFOs, because every time I go window shopping at South Coast Plaza, I see something and immediately think, "I can SOOO knit that for 1/2 the price!"

For example, I saw this cable knit wrap thing at MaxMara (if anyone has seen it, can you tell me where I can find photos of this thing?) and it was very cute.... but I'm not that crazy enough to pay that much for something I can knit myself!

So I'm working on one, adding another WIP to 3~4 others..........

It's always the finishing that I need to do. I have 3~4 WIPs that just need to be FINISHED, as in, ends weaved in, blocked, etc. The actual knitting part is done already. So sad. hahaha.

Currently, I'm madly in love with Craigslist and other job-related sites. Oh God, give me a job. Somebody, HIRE ME.