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Happy Holidays!

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I'm shaking hands with Judge Nguyen at the Swear-In Ceremony, December 1, 2009. It was a Tuesday, and I was able to attend it with my lovely sister and my love Marty. I imagined this moment over and over again in my head and each time, overwhelmed by the sadness for the fact that neither of my parents can be there on the first day of my career as an attorney. But Marty and Sue made all the difference. I was happy, loved seeing friends from school once again, seeing professors who helped us all through the way.


Now, DECEMBER. 2009 was really a crazy year for me. Graduation, the bar exam, passing it… not to mention all the great people and friends I made this year, and friends I kept this year.





Knitting is going great. I'm not finishing projects as much as before since for some reason, I've been busier than ever before. I had really thought that I'd have more knitting time when I finish school. But this one, I'm knitting for my mom. I blogged few weeks ago that I started Pfiffer Falls by Anne Kuo Lukito. It looked a bit complicated in the beginning but I cast on while flying to Boston.

The yarn I'm using is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (Worsted). It's super super soft! I've always wanted to work with this yarn but finally got the chance when a LYS went on 20% off all yarn purchases last month. 4 skeins for $35! I only have two complaints: one is, most LYSs don't carry this in all colors, so you might want to call ahead and make sure they have the colors you're looking for.. Which isn't always ideal since I, as well as most people, shop for yarns for inspiration and don't always have specific plans in mind. The second complaint is the yarn itself. This yarn sheds SO much. I really hope this will get better after a while, or at least after blocking. Both my mom and I are fans of black clothes and I really can't tolerate looking like Candy rolled around in my closet all the time. (Candy is our family's white/tan colored, beloved Chihuahua).




Last night, Marty and I went to Little Tokyo Service Center's fundraising event. It's so sad how this economic downturn has affected so many of us, especially in the lower-middle class families and nonprofit organizations that assist these families. Fortunately, they announced that they have reached their goal from the donations!! I wish I could've donated more but on practically-student budget, I could only do my best.


But I'm so glad they were able to reach their goal! Marty and I enjoyed the food, great conversations, seeing some familiar faces, meeting new people.



It's also great that as we approach our first Christmas together as an official couple, Marty and I are getting sillier and funnier around each other. Before going to the event, we went to Porto's Bakery for yummy cheese rolls and smoothies, then went over to Americana & Galleria for some shopping. Our shopping habits are the same, which I'm really glad for. We're both gadget junkies, love playing with small toys, but don't really care for clothes that much. Of course, that is aside from my knitting addiction and his game addiction. We don't touch that area AT ALL.


My masterpiece at Lego @ Galleria mall. The girl actually has boobs!


And Marty finally found Spongebob keychain there. We've been looking everywhere for this, including the mega-Disney store in Downtown Disney, Lego store also in Downtown Disney, other stores that generally cater to customers between age of 3 and 55.


And with that, I say goodbye until next time I blog, which is most likely to be in 2010! I'm moving at the end of next week so I'll be super busy. As a parting gift and since it's Christmas soon, here's a picture of Christmas tree I took from my seat in Taipan Restaurant in LA. I don't know what store/company that is. But the tree looked so pretty! And I love the silly effect of dirty windows making it look like it's snowing in LA. =)