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Oh no, a new post?

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I know, a new post! I guess this would be a perfect time for a new post since I'm sick in bed. I was in bed all day yesterday. Today, except for the time I managed to drag myself to church, I've been in bed. I'm not sure why I'm getting sick. The weather's been kind of gloomy, but still warm. I'm not allergic to anything around this time of the year.

To make up for the past few months of hiatus, here's a collage of all the FOs I've done:

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Currently, I'm working on several projects. I'm working on...

1) Wisp wrap

2) Hush sweater

3) Vanilla socks

4) Evergreen (늘솔길) pullover

I still have to cast on a dress and few more shawls and finish them by next month! But now that I'm cleaning out my room a little, I'm feeling really good about finishing up long overdue, hibernating projects.