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Knitting Meeting

Jean Chung1 Comment

Like any other hobbies, knitting is more fun when you share. I think that's why each knitting groups I attend feels special to me.

Especially, this one. We only have time to meet once a month because we live all over LA and OC areas, we don't have any regular meeting time, it always depends on each month.

It's our Korean knitting group. We met online over at Naver cafe (EnjoyKnit). Our meetings are usually filled with laughter, good food, and a lot of knitting stuff.


There are so many groups that end up falling apart because of selfishness, arrogance, or jealousy. But this group, we've been together for a year and a half now, we've grown from 4-member group to 8~10 member group. We all come from different places, different time of our lives, but we all come to this group and share our passion of knitting.



And~ as usual, I got home and passed out for an hour because of all the laughing and talking wore me out. =)