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FO:: Violets are Blue (Sample Knitting)

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Sample knitting projects always get my heart going. I always tell Marty that I should slow down and stop taking so many sample requests since I have no time to knit for my own pleasure. But I always do because the mystery of new designers, or new patterns, or new yarns always excite me. I don't get to keep the endproduct but still, it's pleasurable nonetheless as much as my own knitting.

Pattern: Violets are Blue (Rav Link)

Yarn: Squoosh Fiberarts Merino Cashmere: Sock

Needles: Sz 3 KnitPicks Nickel-plated Options


This particular shawl is by Rose Beck. I recently started working with this talented designer since December. The very first project I made for her was Deco Diamonds Socks (Rav Link). I finished the socks in 4 days. That is the fastest I knitted for a pair of socks! I just kept knitting and knitting because the lace chart was really fun and interesting. There was enough to make me want to keep knitting and not get bored.



Those are the actual sample I made. The yarn was Fiberphile Hand-dyed Yarns & Fibers Super Squish Sock.


But this shawl. The yarn. It's my favorite, PURPLE. My kind of purple is the one with lots of blue. How fitting the name of this pattern? Violets are BLUE. And it's 80% merino wool, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon (it's a sock yarn). I was in love while I was working on the shawl. Right before I left for Asia, I finished the shawl and mailed it out to the designer.

And I was lucky enough to see the pattern get published while I was on the trip. I saw the picture on the pattern page and fell back in love with the project. I shall make this again for myself. =)

These are some of my pictures of the shawl before it was mailed out.