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Progress Report

Jean ChungComment

I thought I would do a quick check in on the progress of my UFO challenge.

I started out with 14 projects of UFOs that I had. I had some of these for a really long time. I gave about 3 months to finish everything. You might think, 14 projects under 12 weeks?!?!?!?! But keep in mind these are UFOs. Some of these just needed a collar sewn in, or sleeves to be added.

So far, my finished UFOs are:

1. Effortless Cardigan 2. A sample men's sweater for a designer. 3. A sample for a yarn company. 4. Diminishing Rib Cardigan 5. My newest FO, AUBURN SWEATER!!!!!!

the new sweater hasn't been blocked yet so I'm still waiting to take pictures of it. As soon as I have it blocked, the pictures will be here.

I am very proud for finally finishing up so many of these.

I also have made some changes to my list. I looked at some of my UFO projects and realized, I dont like some of them. I have better yarn that I would like to use instead of the one I started with. Or I just dont like the design anymore and cant see myself or the recipient wearing it anymore. Instead of finishing these for the sake of doing this Challenge, I decided to add my own design works to substitute them. There are some designs I started and I initially couldn't find time to knit up. But now that I decided to frog these items I can! These projects are: Hush by Sarah Hatton and Krista tee by Joan McGowan-Michael.

Which means you might soon see my new designs finished and downloadable.

My first design is going to be finished very soon. I might even need sone test knitters because I want to try the pattern in different yarn or make sure the sizes work. The yarn I'm using is from Newtons Yarn Country and their yarns are usually in cones. The ones I am working with are also on the cones and although I will do my best to weigh and estimate the yardage, I might want to make this in another commercial yarn.

Alright, that's it for now. Knit on!