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Handdyed Yarn & Fingerless Mitts

Jean ChungComment

Years ago, I came across some yarns on sale. Fingering weight sock yarn on sale? Score.

But when I came home, I realized I hated the colors. They were all variegated yarns and I don't really do variegated stuff. They were in balls but I managed to skein them (never doing THAT again...) and then overdyed the yarn three times to achieve this deep, camouflage look.

They still stayed in my stash for a long time because I couldnt think of anything I wanted to knit in camouflage color.

Until my dear husband asked for some fingerless mitts. He has been away in SF working on a project, and unlike Irvine, SF is very very cold. He was complaining how he has to walk in the cold while holding his phone to his ear to talk to me. "Where are the gloves you promised me!" he whined. He was referring to a glove I started, finished one side, and never got to the second one of the pair. :P



I went to see him in SF last week, and finished this pair on the trip. I cast on the first one of the pair while waiting for my plane to take off; and I bound off the second one of the pair upon arrival at Santa Ana airport. It took exactly two days since I only spent one night in SF.