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FO: Gap-tastic cowl in di.Ve. Autunno

Jean Chung2 Comments

Pattern: Gap-Tastic (rav link)

Needle: US 9 (5.5mm)

Yarn: di.Ve "Autunno" 2 skeins

The yarn I had were thinner than what the original pattern calls for, but the pattern is basically rounds and rounds of moss stitch. I also didn't want a huge pile of fabric around my neck. So I used US 9, and cast on 105 sts instead.

The cowl sits comfortably around my neck when I wrap it around twice, so it's nice and easy.

I love the subtle gradation of the yarn (from white to light gray to dark gray). It goes with almost everything I own in the closet.


I have to be honest; I dont love moss stitch patterns that much, but this yarn is so soft and fun to knit with because of all the color changes. I finished this in two days when I was down with this cold. You can still tell how the skin around my nose is raw in the pictures.

It's been a while since I updated anything on this blog so I wanted to take pictures of this FO right away. My hair looks messy, and my makeup is ashy and that sweater is pretty fun, but that's all the energy I could muster that day for the "photoshoot"

Will I make this again? mmm probably not. I still don't like moss stitch. :P