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Going back to school...

Jean Chung2 Comments

I have always regretted finishing college so early. In 2002, I graduated from high school, and went on to UC Santa Barbara for my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. I'd always been a "good" student -- did my homework, stayed out of trouble... But I wasn't an all A student or anything. I was into what I liked (writing, reading, journalism, dance, music, art...) and didn't do so well in stuff I didn't really care (math, science, PE...). In high school, studying was BORING, especially because my school was highly competitive (API of 949 out of 1000, WHAAAAA)

Then when I found that I really enjoyed the kind of academic freedom that comes with college courses. Professors were realllllly nice! Like, they didn't care if you showed up or if you are failing; the entire course was basically up to me! I really enjoying studying in college. And before I knew it, I was ready to graduate in 2.5 years.

And I did, thinking that I'd save some money that way (then I went to business school, then law school, so I kind of made up for the money I 'saved'). But every time I see a young student with a backpack, I really envied them. I wanted to be on campus again, use my backpack and have a school library card. HAHA. It's those little things that you get nostalgic about.

And starting next Monday, I'm a college student again! Well, not a full-time student. I am starting a fashion program at a local college. The curriculum looks very promising. I compared all the well known local schools in the area and this one looked like the most comprehensive. It's no Parsons, but will do for now :)

I am super excited! Unfortunately, I'll be missing few classes due to the emergency trip next week but hopefully I will be able to catch up!