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I am in Seoul

Jean ChungComment

Before meeting up with my husband's family in Taiwan, I decided to make a stop in Seoul, where MY family is at. I just got here 24 hours ago and already I had a really busy day. Mom and I stayed up until 3 talking and gossiping. And then this morning, we went to get my phone, I set up Mom's wireless internet, moved her bed to a different room... Basically taking care of things that Mom was saving up for me to get here haha.

It's good to be back. The weather isn't as bad as I thought. Not too hot, and not sticky yet.

I worked on my Lady Mary on the plane, which was a pleasant ride. The new plane at Korean Air is very very spacious. I sat on the window side, and there's lots of room between the seat and the window unlike the old planes. Plenty of space for me to move around and knit. ;)

Looking forward to yarn shopping and people watching tomorrow! :)