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TNNA Weekend

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Hello all! It's been about a couple of months since my last update.

I've been really busy with work, and preparing for the TNNA in Columbus, Ohio!

That this weekend, so I'm leaving early on Friday morning, taking a stop at Phoenix, then arriving in the afternoon. I had so much fun at TNNA Long Beach last February and I'm really looking forward to this one as I've heard time and time again that Ohio one is the biggest one of all.


More updates about my life:image

My life revolves around my work and my dogs. As some of you know, I brought back my family dog, Candy the Chihuahua from Korea last October. Candy has been with us since she was less than 1, so obviously, she's my first love :) She and Bagel (my husband and my dog since we were dating) had some rough time in the beginning. Bagel is a very calm dog, but not too friendly towards other dogs. Candy is very lovable and cute, but being the small chihuahua that she is, she gets very anxious often. And as all dog behaviorists say, other dogs can perceive anxiety as weakness. Bagel attacked Candy a couple times (luckily, just a warning bite) but since then Candy doesn't really like Bagel. They'll still lay out in the sun together, walk side by side, eat together, but they don't play much. If I see them take play bow together, my heart leaps with joy, but it stops there. haha. 


I've also gone back to ballet and started physical therapy. I've always been a nerd and being a nerd often means that you sit in one place, staring at book/computer/something for a long time. My neck/shoulder issue started back in high school but I just thought it was a shoulder knot. Turns out, it's so bad that I lost some mobility in the area, so I'm in physical therapy to get better. I started last week and after doing the exercises everyday, I'm feeling better. Still not much better mobility, but at least the pain has stopped. 


So, that's it! Turns out it's going to be raining the whole time I'm in Columbus, so I'm gonna pack my swimsuit and enjoy the indoor swimming pool at the hotel. :D