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Spinning resumed

Jean ChungComment

image I look quite happy here on my Ashford Kiwi.

Since we moved into our new home, unpacking and re-organizing, ordering new furniture, 2 housewarming parties, etc took me away from spinning a bit.

Well yesterday, I got out my spinning wheel from my knitting studio (also a guest room and we will have our first guest tonight so I better get to cleaning when I get home!). It was 85 degrees in Irvine yesterday but our home gets a pretty good draft when we open all the windows. It was really really relaxing, and as you can see, Candy agrees!


I think Candy really loves the sound of the wheel turning. I'm so afraid that the wheel might hurt her small 6.8 lb body but she prefers sitting really close to it and taking a long nap. I might have to build a case for the wheel!



The fiber is now defunct Yarn Chef / Yarn Chef Spin and I got this when they had the g0ing-out-of-business sale. Well the website says that they might reopen in 2014 so HOPEFULLY they come back because I just LOVE the colors here!