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Life Things: Birth Plans

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In somewhat of an Off-Topic post, I thought I would share the birth plan I made for Logan's arrival. I'm no longer the control freak that I used to be, but I still love having plans and spreadsheets and what not (much like how I'm managing my current destash challenge!).

As someone who lived her entire life not wishing to be pregnant and had no interest in babies, I had merely heard of birth plans before it was time for my own delivery. I wasn't sure whether there was a template to follow, much like how you would write your resumes, or whether the hospitals provide forms (they do, but if you do get them, know that these forms are extremely simplified versions of what you could write for yourself).

So what is a birth plan? Now that I have gone through the childbirth classes with the most amazing instructor ever and actually gone through the delivery, I think of it as how I envision my most ideal labor and delivery situation to be. 

Everyone told me that I was brave to try for a drug-free birth, how it's going to be horrible, and not go according to the plan. 

Well, that's what people as said about pregnancy too but my pregnancy was just wonderful, and people were amazed at how easy it went, right?  So I had conviction this time, that this too will work out the way I planned.


In the end, everything went according to the plan and I had a very quiet, drug-free, intimate birthing experience. My midwife and nurse were very hands off and my baby was happy, no fetal distress, I didn't even scream in pain because I was so focused on breathing through the contractions with my husband's counting. 

And I am convinced that my wonderful experience was due to how much I believed in my husband and my ability to bring this baby into the world the way we were comfortablet with, and how much we believed in our ability. I kept telling myself that my body was made to do this; that no drugs or medical intervention is needed to do something so naturally human. I was fearless because I had a great birthing partner and a baby who would know what to do on mommy's body. 

So here it is: My Birth Plan

Disclaimer: You can use the file to create your own birth plans but please do not share or distribute my birth plan anywhere. This is part of a very personal, private experience.  




Logan in his first week. Squishy but pretty skinny.

Logan in his first week. Squishy but pretty skinny.