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Monogamy is so overrated

WIPs & FOsJean ChungComment

Don't worry. I mean when it comes to knitting and sewing, I cannot seem to focus on just one project at a time.

Over the last few weeks, I've been re-organizing my creative space to evaluate my stash size, what I need to toss and what I need to work on, and was mortified at how many WIPs I've come across. Didn't I almost focus my entire last 2 years on reducing the number of WIPs? And my stash? 

I'm happy to report that my stash hasn't grown all that much, and have shown some improvement. But seriously, I'm finding projects from 2012! I know because I bought that yarn at a  big yarn factory parking lot sale and it was before we moved into this current house. We moved in 2013. 

With sewing, I have more logical explanation for multiple projects. I like to do one activity per sewing day. I have Tracing Day, Pattern Cutting Day/Fabric Washing Day, Fabric Cutting Day, and Sewing Day. So I tend to move my projects in phases, in assembly-line style but with just one person doing everything. So I have a pile of pinned pattern/fabric pieces in the corner of my sewing space, waiting for my sewing mojo to hit and finish all these projects.

I'm thankful (almost) that I only have one spinning wheel and 4 bobbins so that I can only do one spinning project at a time. I don't think I can handle more relationships right now.

There are projects that work out fine -- I start them and get excited about working on them, and progress steadily over 1~2 weeks until I finish. 

There are projects that I start with the intention of finishing quickly (usually for gift knitting) but run out of interest right before I finish. I have several sweater projects like that right now, and I have an inkling that it has something to do with having to knit the sleeves......

I also have "always have around" projects, these are my sock projects. I find it very annoying when I suddenly find myself in a situation where I can be sitting in the car for an hour or two, but have no WIP I can just take with me. Sock projects fit the bill perfectly for portability and simplicity. Who doesn't love rounds and rounds of stockinette stitch? 

In the next few weeks, I'm going to try to finish at least a couple of WIPs that have been dormant for a long time. I need more space for my sewing and my knitting projects are scattered all around the house!