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Yarnosphere 2015!

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I used to be jealous of the people who could go to the Rhinebeck every year. For me to make that trip would mean no TNNA, because it would cost almost $1000 to go there. Well, now Socal has its own fiber festival the same weekend! Yay!

Yarnosphere this year was held at EXPO Art Center in Long Beach, in the beautiful Bixby Knolls neighborhood. It was my first time being in that neighborhood although I have few friends who live in Long Beach. I never knew I would love it so much!

On Saturday (Oct 17) I was scheduled to teach 2 classes: Steeking class in the morning, and Continental Knitting in the afternoon. It was my first time (officially) teaching knitting techniques so if you are reading this and was in one of my classes, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A GREAT TIME. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Just because I was there to work, doesn't mean I didn't have for fun.


First stop: Jennifer's The Sheepwalk Fiber Studio had a booth and I got to display my newest design, Sweet Lil Tee

Forbidden Woolery, Pride. Left from Yarnover Truck and Right from Forbidden Woolery's booth.

Amazing knitting-themed jewelry from Two Sisters.

It was absolutely the most fun I had in months--the best part was that no one looked at me weird when I started knitting socks from my new Chica bag while wearing my baby in the baby carrier, trying to get him to nap. 

Now, off I go to churn out some new designs with these goodies! :D

{Sewing} Planning formalwear for Baby Logan

Sewing, In My Shopping Cart, WIPs & FOsJean ChungComment

Now that Logan is almost 3 months (5 more days!), we feel a little more comfortable bringing him to fancier places. We have a friend's wedding coming up next weekend, and I already bought a cute onesie with bowtie print and black pants but that one outfit really started me off thinking about fancy outfits for my little man.

I saw this Dior Homme collection in the recent Zoo magazine and instantly started picturing Logan in that outfit! It's simple, chic, and so grown up! 


Last week, I went on Michael Levine's website to shop for some fabrics (since I haven't done any long distance driving with Logan yet, I opted for online shopping instead). I found these fabrics and thought it would make a perfect Dior-inspired outfit for Logan!

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard  

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard 

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard   

Daysail - Tiny Script - ML288307 - Creamy White-per yard 

Pinstripe Suiting - ML229491 - Dark Grey-per yard

Pinstripe Suiting - ML229491 - Dark Grey-per yard

And of course, the vest will be knitted. I love the subtle poofiness of the vest - I think it's done in double knit fabric? But the poofiness reminds me of Logan's small but round belly! I can't wait to cast on for this vest in black and white.

It would be even more awesome if I dress him this and go to an event where someone actually NOTICES that this was Dior-inspired. :D