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ballet skirts.

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My love for ballet + my love for fabric = MY PASSION FOR LOOKING GOOD!!!


candyandbagel ballet skirt

I grew up taking ballet classes regularly for almost 7 years when I used to live in Korea. Then between moving to the US and having to "study hard so that I can get into a college," I had a long hiatus from ballet. About 4 years ago, I just randomly decided to go back to ballet, and loved the first ballet studio I went to, and just stayed with it. 

Now with a kid and a full time job, I can only show up for 1 class a week. But there's one thing that never changed. I always try to look properly dressed for the class. That means, leotards and tights, legwarmers over the pointe shoes, I also like to make ballet skirts! 

After a recent class, some students asked if I could make some skirts. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, I drafted and made a couple of styles in different fabrics. 

The more I work on these, the more I am feeling that this is going to be the new thing at Candy & Bagel!

I started making my own leotards and skirts because I wasn't finding anything I wanted to wear. Most dancewear companies make things for kids, and not enough for adult dancers. If you were professional, and already have the body of a ballet dancer, sure you will fit into those and look great! Or you have the ability to pay for more high-end brands with better fabric. They still don't solve the problem. Most adult dancers who dance recreationally, need more support in the right places, and need more coverage for better fit

I'm starting out with a small batch of skirts now, but plan to expand to legwarmers (knit!), warm-up sweaters (knit!), and other dancewear geared towards adult dancers. 

I am excited for this new chapter in Candy & Bagel's journey!



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As a person who loves art, especially things made by hand, it's only natural that I am attracted to tattoos. I love how every one of us look different; different shapes, different skin shades, different muscle tones.. So when I look at tattoos on other people, I love not only the stories behind the design, but how they just look on their bodies.

I have wanted one since I was in college. I was 18 so I could've gotten one if I wanted it, but for various reasons (or rather, excuses), I didn't. I wasn't sure about the cost, I didn't know what would be meaningful to me, I was going to law school how would people judge me? blah blah blah.

If I learned anything in the past 3 years, it is that we all only live once, and we have no idea when it would be the end for us. I was tired of keep putting off the things I really wanted to do and worrying about how other people would judge me (and as I write it out, I'm staring at that sentence because I've been saying that since I was 15.... why is it so hard to stop caring?)

So for 2017, I decided the keyword was going to be "DO." If it's something I really want, I should do it.  

After perusing through Pinterest, Instagram, and Google images... I finally decided on the design of my first tattoo. 

My first tattoo (@candyandbagel) by @pare_eddie in Tustin, CA

My first tattoo (@candyandbagel) by @pare_eddie in Tustin, CA

It's a stylized symbol of Scorpio sign. I've always been proud to be a Scorpio, the sun sign known for its mystery and intensity. This was going to be a constant reminder for me, of my strength and intense inner peace.

A month after I decided to get my second because I just loved the process of tattooing so much. From the buzzing noise to the steady sensation of the needle scratching your skin, I love everything about the process (now, the healing process... that tests my patience! I want to show it off!)

I contacted an artist whom I have been following since the beginning of this year; my husband, ever the supporter of anything I develop intense feelings for, found her Instagram a long time ago and introduced me to her works. I loved everything I saw! So I decided that my love for tattoos was strong enough to invest in a larger piece, and I really wanted to have it done by her.

Long story short, it was like meant-to-be, because she had a cancellation and was able to fit me into her schedule in 4 days (her assistant told me that she was currently booking July/August!). If I were to wait that long, the suspense would have killed me because Sara (@SaraFabel) doesn't show you the sketch until the appointment! 

Just a month after the first one.... Peonies tattoo by Sara Fabel (@sarafabel) in Los Angeles, CA

Just a month after the first one.... Peonies tattoo by Sara Fabel (@sarafabel) in Los Angeles, CA

I don't think this will be the last and I will always be looking for more ideas!  I love the fact that talented people left a piece of their incredibleness on my body and I get to keep them and admire them for the rest of my life. 




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Hi friends,

It might have looked almost as if I've forgotten about the whole knitting business for a while. I haven't updated anything here for a while, I haven't released any pattern since last October, etc. 

In fact, it was quite the opposite. Back in January, I was approached by a yarn company in South Korea with an opportunity to develop an entire collection of original designs. It was really exciting. I could do anything I wanted, with unlimited yarn support. 

I sketched. Yarns were shipped. I sketched some more. Then started knitting.

Then I started a new job. There was the whole chaos with my 16-month son getting used to the daycare, a temporary childcare solution we found until a spot opened up at my employer's Montessori school. It was a chaos because Kiddo hated it. He cried every single morning, refused to nap at the daycare, and I disagreed on almost every tactic the daycare provider was using to help Kiddo soothe himself. Fortunately, a spot opened up at the school after just 3 weeks so at 17 month, my Kiddo started school full time. 

All this to say, that my samples were being delayed. Then unfortunately (or fortunately....?), the event where I was supposed to show the collection got canceled. 

On one hand, I was really relieved that I wouldn't have to stay up every night to finish all the samples on time. On the other hand, I was really disappointed that, because I was relying on several new designs being released in the fall, I had not worked on any submissions here in the U.S. 

With my new Winter Forest design in Holla Knits Winter 2016 issue, I'm slowly moving back into the old routine. So I promise to keep you posted!