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Other Obsessions: Project Bags

Other ObsessionsJean Chung2 Comments

I have been quite obsessed with project bags. 

Before finding out how useful project bags were, my knitting WIPs usually hibernated the last place I left them -- in my car, next to my bed, under my bed, next to the couch, in the closet... And sometimes years would go by, until I finally find them again. That happened with two of the recent FOs: Marty's 2 vests (Sportweight & Worsted weight).

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Christmas Angry Bird project bag I sewed, and Ravelry project bags.

Few weeks ago, I bought and made some project bags with knitting notions for my knitting group friends. I ordered some project bags from Ravelry Mini-Mart, and sewed a couple of drawstring bags with fabrics I bought at a local fabric shop, Jenny's Fabrics.

(Off-topic but interesting still: While I was at Jenny's Fabrics, Steven Tyler walked in and shopped there.)

While I was making project bags for my friends, I also made extra for my own projects. And now I can't believe I lived without them for so long! Each of my WIPs now have a home to go to at the end of the night. They stay there, all nice and pretty, then I just tackle one bag at a time! Not to mention they keep our house looking more organized since all the project bags with projects inside would go in the corner of my work area. 

I am thinking about making more for a giveaway, so definitely stay tuned!