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A couple of FOs

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Finally, some FO (Finished Objects) shots!

I'm trying really hard to go back and rekindle my love for the projects currently on the needles. I estimated about 10 UFOs (Unfinished Objects) while re-organizing my creative space. 

I cast on for these crazy socks few months ago, hoping that I would be able to use up some leftover sock yarns. I have US Sz 7 feet (240mm) so if I use a 100g sock yarn, I get about 40~50g leftover yarn (my socks have about 7" legs). 

It's a combination of some Tosh Sock, Cascade Heritage, handdyed, and some Sock Yarn Club yarn I belonged to a long time ago.


@CandyandBagel - CrazySocks

@CandyandBagel - CrazySocks

I cannot resist just knitting mindless on Stockinette stitch socks. They're basically tubes, and you add some sharp metallic needles and squishy yummy sock yarns to the mix. #knittingheaven

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

I followed a pattern for this cutie bear. I have never been huge on toy knitting until I had my own kid. He is 2, so he's pretty into toys. Especially miniature animals and vehicles. Here is the thing though. I have a thing for teddy bears. I don't collect them, and I don't have anything for other stuffed animals, but I kind of get weak at the sight of teddy bears. So when I first saw this pattern on Ravelry as a young, beginner knitter years ago, I had to have it. Unfortunately, BACK IN THOSE DAYS, the company did not sell the pattern online as a PDF download yet. 

Like fate though, M and I were visiting a friend in San Francisco, and I walked into ImagiKnit, a LYS a block away from the friend's apartment, I spotted the pattern and bought it on the spot.

I made one and gave it to my mom who was going through chemo therapy at the time. I was happy that she liked something I made. I made it out of baby pink acrylic yarn (I think it was Vanna's yarn brand). 

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear


So it brought fond memories of my mom while I was working on this. I want to make another one for my sister who also requested one in pink. 

Anyways, for this Purr Pull Brownbear as L says it (I love when he says kids stuff like that), I used some leftover 100% cotton yarn from my sample Beverly Tee. The yarn is by a LYS in Manhattan Beach, Twist - Yarns of Intrigue

And guess what, I ordered more of the same yarn from the store. Can't wait to see them in the mail soon!


What hoarding problem?

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We knitters have a euphemism for our hoarding issue. We call that our "Stash." 


As if we are going to hibernate one day and need to stash all our yarns for the hibernating season.

Last weekend at Yarnosphere, I accumulated a lot of new yarns. And with holiday season coming up, I was on other yarn store websites, looking at yarns on sale. And then I got curious how my last year's serious effort to destash has worked out. 

So today, I went to pull out all the yarns from every corners of the house.

And I was fully disappointed.

Last year, when I decided to destash, I started with 3 plastic bins. When I gathered all the yarns, I had to get an additional bin. And the 3 bins I started out with last year? were still full. At least last year, the sock yarn bin was half empty. This year it's FULL!

And I found so many WIPs. Those alone filled the biggest basket I had in the house..  Unbelievable.

Remedy: Similar to the destash challenge I did last year, I decided to finish at least 1 WIP before casting on for a new one. I have 2 baskets: 1 full of WIPs, 1 full of bags with yarns and patterns I matched up with the yarns. When I'm done with one project from the WIPs basket, I will cast on from the other basket.

Fortunately, the WIPs I have are mainly from last winter, so they'll be weather appropriate once I am finished. I have a lot of baby knits on my mind right now, so wanting to knit for Logan will keep me on task (hopefully)!!!


FO: Campside Shawl

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Mommy's postpartum project: Campside Shawl, designed by Alicia Plummer for Pom Pom Quarterly | Handmade Fashion at Candy & Bagel

Mommy's postpartum project: Campside Shawl, designed by Alicia Plummer for Pom Pom Quarterly | Handmade Fashion at Candy & Bagel

I finished my shawl last week and have been wearing it everyday! It's perfect to throw on before going to ballet or at night when I'm reading by the window.