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Seriously considering going to Stitches South..?

Jean Chung2 Comments

Image Now, I live in California. Not only that, I grew up in Santa Clara County (Cupertino, to be exact), where Stitches Westholds its 4-day event every year. And yet, I've never been to Stitches West.

And I'm seriously considering going to Stitches South next month. I started getting emails from XRX few weeks ago but always deleted them thinking "oh i'll never go..." Actually, I didn't even think, I just deleted it because it was something unimaginable.

Then my husband started talking about going back to ATL soon for some basketball games that he wants to watch in person. Like we don't have Clippers and Lakers just 20 miles away from here. But in any case, he wants to go.

When I saw XRX email this morning again, taking a break from my Insanity workout, I said "Hey, Husband, I might wanna go to ATL after all"

I lived in ATL for few year. My parents lived there for 3 years and I lived for one while getting my MBA. But since I left ATL in 2006, I've been missing it. I finally managed a 2-day trip last year with my husband, but I feel like it was wayyyy to short. There were people and places I wanted to see again but didn't get to.

And HOW FUN IT'S GOING TO BE!! I always heard how fun Stitches West is every year and always wish to be a part of it.

The only down side is: I don't know how financially wise it would be to take this trip when we have a Hawaii and Asia trip planned this fall.... I need to think about this.

In the mean time, anyone going????