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#hmfc15 Mommy & Me matching outfits

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I have been a horrible host for the Handmade Fashion Challenge.

but, before I left for Korea, I managed to sew something for me and my baby from the wrap I DIY'd when Logan was just a tiny baby and it was still 90 degrees in March. Now that this baby is almost 20 lbs, I can no longer wear him in a stretchy wrap but why would I let this beautiful bamboo blend fabric go to waste? 

First, my tee. The tee pattern is very simple, and I tried to modify the pattern to do a v-neck. The neck binding came out kind of funky so I refinished it by handsewing. Does anyone have a good tutorial for v-neck binding?


And the baby's romper came out so awesom! The bamboo fabric really keeps him cool and it came in handy in Korea. Everything we had brought from the States was useless because even the sleeveless ones were too thick! We bought a ton of thin, cotton and bamboo blends while we were in Korea but this handmade baby stayed. :)

With just over a month left of the Challenge, I might have to re evaluate my goals. I definitely won't have enough time for my original plans that included knits and crochet projects. All sewing? Does that feel like I am cheating on knitting?

Other Obsessions: Spinning Panda roving and finished BFL

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Panda roving handdyed by me in really yellow color. I want to call it "Sunshine."

Panda roving handdyed by me in really yellow color. I want to call it "Sunshine."

My spinning wheel has been a little bit neglected in the past 2 weeks. So I spent some quality time with my Ladybug this morning. 

I handdyed this roving few weeks ago. It's SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend and I'm going to 3 ply it for some nice sock yarn.

Handdyed 60% SW Merino/30% Bamboo/10% Nylon blend.

Handdyed 60% SW Merino/30% Bamboo/10% Nylon blend.

I think the undyed roving was from Ashland Bay and I got it from Paradise Fiber. It was a while ago so I am not 100% sure but I used to buy a lot of undyed roving so I can practice dyeing and spinning... I still have some leftover so I think I'm going to be dyeing a little more in the next few weeks.

And I finally skeined the Superwash BFL from Squoosh Fiberarts. This was Squoosh Fiberarts' 2025 colorway. It's part red, part brown, part light blue... basically really wonderful. It was really soft, and I just spun it straight from the roving without dividing it or anything, and navajo-plied it. It came out a little thicker than true fingering weight yarn so I think this will be a really great sport-weight socks if I knit it on Sz 1 or 1.5 needles. 

YarnChefSpin merino bamboo

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I have better photos, I promise-!

But remeber what I was spinning few days ago? This is 2-ply light fingering weight yarn now. 50% merino and 50% bamboo. Looks very pretty and I'm really happy how it all came out.

Spinning definitely has its learning curve. I am becoming more and more comfortable with my Kiwi wheel and I have been thinking about buying a more expensive wheel but decided over last weekend to just stay with my wheel for a while.  I love the simplicity of this wheel. It's all wood, looks very lovely, spins almost anything, and c'mon, how can you part with that little sweet kiwi bird on the treadle. :-D