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[FO] handspun, handdyed, handknit shawl!

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So in preparation of my belated participation in the SPAKAL challenge (spin-to-knit), I first experimented with some undyed/natural wool I got that came with my wheel.  






DSC02220 DSC02223


It was spun into 2-ply yarn and dyed it with some blue, green and red food colors. I just love dyeing with food coloring! I'm happy with the result, it looks so vintage.

Then I chose the pattern. It's "And So Are You" by Rose Beck.


DSC02224 (2)


I modified it so that the body is St st and the ruffle is only 9 rows long. I was running out of yarn and unlike other commercial yarn, I can't just go out and buy more yarn! :P But because the yarn is a bit thicker than fingering weight, the row gauge was bigger than the pattern and even though I only did 205 sts wide, it still looks like a good size.



Belated SPAKAL (knitmoregirls) challenge

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SPAKAL, stands for Spin & Knit-a-long. So with my newfound obsession with spinning on my Ashford Kiwi, I decided that it's time to do a small challenge for myself. In the beginning of this year, knitmoregirls, my favorite podcasters, did a SPAKAL challenge. Basically they invited the listeners to spin enough fiber for a sweater and knit one. It's been a while since their announcement, so I'm assuming that the "deadline" is over, although the knitmoregirls challenges are rarely strict with the dates...  Well, it's still December and I might be able to knit something by the end of this month. Since this will be my first spinning challenge, I'll maybe do socks.

Brown Sheep Mill Ends


I'm thinking about using this Brown Sheep Mill Ends I got from my LYS. Can you believe, now this LYS is the only place I can get spinning fiber from in Orange County? Sad, very sad. Another LYS that had spinning fiber is going out of business. I'm lucky this LYS is only 15 minute drive away.

I think this will make an excellent pair of socks. Very classic colors--a blend of black, brown, and white.

Or, I could do this purple/dark blue superwash merino top I got from Purlescence Yarns during my holiday stay in nor cal.

I'm excited! I'll do a 3-ply fingering weight. Now, I probably want to knit something from my Ravelry queue...


[fall 2012 trend] colors

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It feels like 2012 fashion was all about colors and colorful prints. The colors and prints that we fell in love with earlier this year still show up in the fall 2012 trends. But colors got deeper and more vivid this season compared to the earlier seasons' pastels and softer tones. Personally, I think vivid colors look more flattering on broader range of skin tones. <blue + black>

this shade of blue is probably my favorite. It's vivid, and goes with almost everything!


I don't think I'd have the audacity to actually wear any of Alexander McQueen's pieces outside, but as always, they're just... divine..

There is something about wearing fiery passionate red in the fall. The changing leaves, the autumn scent, crispy air, and a long red coat. :)


This fall season's prints are not as wild as earlier seasons' but they're subtle and adds feminine and interesting details to classic styles. If you're not that into head-to-toe print look, you can pair something like Balmain's trousers with simple leather jacket or tailored jackets.