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{New Pattern} Sweet Lil' Tee by Jean Chung

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Introducing my new design, Sweet Lil' Tee!

About 3 years ago, I knitted up a fitted tee in gray, and meant to release a pattern for it. 

Then, life happened, I had other designs to write for and so forth. Then when I went back to it, I felt like it needed to be in a whole different color. Anything bright and feminine but not gray.  

Suzoo's Wool Works was an LYS to me until the owner moved to Texas and started an indie yarn dyer business. And she had the yummiest shade of yellow that was aptly named "Sweet Lil' Buttercup," from which the name of this design was inspired. 


I love the easiness of the tee. The body is worked in the round and the stitch pattern kept my interest in the knitting without being fussy. The stitch pattern is not rigid and gives just the right amount of give when worn with the suggested negative ease. Then of course the bust turns into the mesh stitch pattern that gives a generous amount of stretch. The neckline is simple and shallow but wide, but not wide enough to fall off the shoulder.

It fits my 6mo postpartum body well and I love wearing it! I hope the weather cools down soon so I can wear it more often. :)

A good weekend

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I had one of the best weekends. My sister came up from SD to visit. I went to the knitting meetup early morning, and rushed to Irvine station to pick her up.

Knitting meetup was quite good too. best gifts ever: yarn from Korea! One of the members got a yarn bomb from Korea and brought some to the meetup to give out. I got 750yds of PINK bamboo cotton yarn in lace weight, and then sport weight cotton/nylon blend in soft beige, with bits of glitter dark green, red, and purple yarn. Soo cool!






Here are some pics from the meet up. We're eating!! We always do lunch at 12ish, and because the place is at Blink Cafe, we use their kitchen. =) The lady on the left is the chef hehe. She cooks everything on the menu at Blink. The lady on the right is the one in charge, and she brought these yarns for us. =)


Ohhh and I totally take back what I said about IK and VK in the last post. Over the weekend, I really sat down to READ the magazines: IK Weekend and VK Winter. I still don't like the paper quality but wow, the designs are so much better than I expected! Esp IK Weekend is all about practical, comfortable stuff for everyone in the family. I love it when they have men's patterns. Love the new layout too. Makes more sense. I also got to read IK Holiday Gifts at Borders today while my bf was working out his Fantasy Draft... Love love love the pattern for men's sweater. I forget the name already, but it was top-down, saddle shoulders, with simple garter or reverse St st in the middle. I can see my dad in it. :D IK is going more knit-in-the-round, and top-down.

I cast on something from VK too. In the round, bottom-up fair-isle sweater. I'm using the yarn I recycled from my sister's ex's sweater. Hope karma has nothing to do with the fit of the sweater or anything. Keke