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FO::Modish Cowl

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W00t, all the FO postings at time.


Pattern: Modish Cowl by Stephen West (Rav Link)

Needles: US 10

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky (in Walnut and Spice)

I am so glad I made this for Marty before we left for Taiwan/Korea. Taiwan was really windy, though the temperature was on the higher side. Then in Korea, even this thick cowl wasn't enough to keep the cold out (negative 10 degrees celcius everyday!)

Although the cowl is made up of garter stitches entirely, I still loved working on it. The color changes and how it turns out in the end all made it interesting. And the yarn was chunkier than the gauge the pattern calls for but compared to the worsted weight version of Wool-Ease, Chunky weight version is easier to work with (less plastic-y, especially the red color).

Depending on which angle you look at the cowl, it looks different.



Do you see how thick it is? At first I was a bit worried it was TOO heavy and thick. Then when I borrowed it while we were in Asia, I was really glad I made it this thick. I might make a less chunky version of this to use here. That is.... if I ever feel like doing 100-something rows of garter stitches again.