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November already?

Jean ChungComment

i took a trip in October and it's already November! On the last day of my stay in Seoul, I came down with a cold and was sick for almost a week while battling jetlag and time difference.

As many of you know through twitter, facebook, and instagram, I brought Candy with me on this trip. Candy has been my family dog, and we had her since 2007.. She's a cute chihuahua and very playful. Kinda spoiled but not uncontrollable. The first week, Candy and Bagel bonded well and they even played together around the apartment last Wednesday.

Then that night, when Husband came home and I was cooking in the kitchen, Bagel suddenly attacked and bit Candy in the face. Candy got two puncture wounds in the head, and scraped nose and lips.

I got so scared and was totally not myself until the vet assured me that the wounds were not serious. But the vet also warned me that this could happen again, so I asked her for trainer referrals. She told me about this woman that she hired for her two dogs, a 80-pound lab and a 10-pound pitbull mix.. Bagel is 40-pound Basenji mix and Candy is 8 pounds, so I could relate to her..

The trainer is visiting today to see how Candy and Bagel interact with each other so that she has more concrete idea about how to work with us. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan always says that training is for the humans and dogs just get rehabilitated. I totally agree with it. Since the incident, I have been stricter with Bagel, just so that he understands that this home is mine, not his territory.

Bagel has always been very obedient and very very easy to train so he's already showing improvement. Candy got a bit spoiled during the last few days while she was healing... but the bigger problem is that she's afraid of Bagel now. Before, his size didn't really matter to her, and she was playful around him. They napped together and ate together (Bagel never showed interest in her food). So hopefully, the trainer can help us help Candy to feel safer around Bagel. Because I really wanna see them play together again!