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A couple of FOs

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Finally, some FO (Finished Objects) shots!

I'm trying really hard to go back and rekindle my love for the projects currently on the needles. I estimated about 10 UFOs (Unfinished Objects) while re-organizing my creative space. 

I cast on for these crazy socks few months ago, hoping that I would be able to use up some leftover sock yarns. I have US Sz 7 feet (240mm) so if I use a 100g sock yarn, I get about 40~50g leftover yarn (my socks have about 7" legs). 

It's a combination of some Tosh Sock, Cascade Heritage, handdyed, and some Sock Yarn Club yarn I belonged to a long time ago.


@CandyandBagel - CrazySocks

@CandyandBagel - CrazySocks

I cannot resist just knitting mindless on Stockinette stitch socks. They're basically tubes, and you add some sharp metallic needles and squishy yummy sock yarns to the mix. #knittingheaven

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

I followed a pattern for this cutie bear. I have never been huge on toy knitting until I had my own kid. He is 2, so he's pretty into toys. Especially miniature animals and vehicles. Here is the thing though. I have a thing for teddy bears. I don't collect them, and I don't have anything for other stuffed animals, but I kind of get weak at the sight of teddy bears. So when I first saw this pattern on Ravelry as a young, beginner knitter years ago, I had to have it. Unfortunately, BACK IN THOSE DAYS, the company did not sell the pattern online as a PDF download yet. 

Like fate though, M and I were visiting a friend in San Francisco, and I walked into ImagiKnit, a LYS a block away from the friend's apartment, I spotted the pattern and bought it on the spot.

I made one and gave it to my mom who was going through chemo therapy at the time. I was happy that she liked something I made. I made it out of baby pink acrylic yarn (I think it was Vanna's yarn brand). 

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear

@CandyandBagel - Baby Bobbi Bear


So it brought fond memories of my mom while I was working on this. I want to make another one for my sister who also requested one in pink. 

Anyways, for this Purr Pull Brownbear as L says it (I love when he says kids stuff like that), I used some leftover 100% cotton yarn from my sample Beverly Tee. The yarn is by a LYS in Manhattan Beach, Twist - Yarns of Intrigue

And guess what, I ordered more of the same yarn from the store. Can't wait to see them in the mail soon!


Review: Allure fiber wash by Bijou Basin Ranch

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As someone who knits and sews all the time, my closet is now full of things that I treasure, and carefully maintain. I don't trust the washing machine with my knits, especially. Even if it's knitted with superwash yarns, because I've had a couple of incidents where my superwash knit socks have felted or shrunk after being in the washing machine.

With the right products, and good timing, washing knits by hand doesn't take that much time or effort. I especially love products that let me wash without rinsing; the less I have to do, the better! 

Allure Wash is a new fiber wash product in the market this year. You're probably already familiar with Bijou Basin Ranch company, the one that makes beautiful, delicious yak yarns as well as other luxurious yarns. The company website promises that Allure effectively removes soils and odors but gentle enough to guard colors on delicate fabrics. The formula is all natural, no-rinse wash that leaves no residue.

The sample Allure fiber wash came in three bottles: in "Woodland Mist," "Prairie Breeze," and "Fragrance Free" version. 

I knew that I wanted to try one of the fragrant ones. The name, "Woodland Mist" really pulled me in. Other fiber washes I have tried had names that simply identified the fragrance as "Lavender" or "Citrus." The names on Allure bottles were somewhat mysterious. I imagined smelling pretty flowers in a romantically misty, foggy morning. 

I filled a medium size bucket with warm water first, and then put my short-sleeve version of Lady Mary cardigan in the bucket to soak it. Then I added a capful of the Woodland Mist fiber wash in the bucket, shook it around a bit to make it foamy. 

I like to do washing when I take a shower at night, because that way, I wouldn't forget about the knits soaking in water. Since natural fibers get weak in warm water, I don't like to keep my knits in water longer than necessary, but I often forget to check on it after waiting the recommended 10-15 minutes. So I just put it in the sink, let them soak while I take a shower, and then when I get out of the shower, I drain the water immediately. (Yay for no-rinse formula). 

How about the fragrance? So while I was washing the cardigan, I didn't actually notice any strong scent, which was a bit disappointing at first. Other products I've used before would immediately start smelling like perfume once I put it in the water. But then when I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that the entire bathroom was smelling so fresh, so light, and feminine. I was pleasantly surprised! It reminded me of luxurious spas or something.

I drained the water and squeezed out excess water before carefully putting it on a large bath towel and roll it gently to remove more water. Then I laid it out on the mesh sweater drying rack overnight.

My cardigan smells so fresh and lovely! It's merino wool and has some metal content that makes it metallic gold, so it was already buttery soft but now it feels clean and lofty. 

The samples came in generous 100ml bottles so I'm going to be reaching for these often from now on.  The actual product comes in 16 oz, 3.4 oz, and 0.23 oz (single-use packet) sizes. 

Product Name: Allure 
Category: Fine Fiber & Fabric Wash, Premium No-Rinse Formula
Manufacturer: Bijou Basin Ranch, Inc.
Washing and Drying Instructions: See the website
To Purchase: Allure Wash or Bijou Basin Ranch website



Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review by Stitchcraft Marketing and Allure Wash/Bijou Basin Ranch, Inc. The opinions in this post and blog are entirely mine, and I was not otherwise paid, compensated, contracted, or obligated to review this product.

#DestashChallenge: knitting mojo running low..

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Original Design: Hat with a bow (2)

Original Design: Hat with a bow (2)

Quite a bit of destashing, although my knitting mojo is running low-ish, still.

These past couple of weeks, I've been mostly knitting smaller projects: hats, baby stuff, socks..

This hat is knitted in Berroco Comfort DK yarn that I had bought 2 years ago for the shop, Candy & Bagel. I hope to be able to list several of these some time..

Baby Logan's yoke cardigan with random leftover yarn. (3 balls + some leftover)

Baby Logan's yoke cardigan with random leftover yarn. (3 balls + some leftover)

And then this cardigan, also an improvised one, was a quick knit. I had some leftover yarn from various projects that were still good (wool/silk blend, etc). 

Boatneck Vest (2)

Boatneck Vest (2)

In the beginning of this pregnancy, I bought a book called "What to knit when you're expecting." I had seen the book a couple of years ago, but I wasn't expecting and didn't know anyone else who was, so I just made a mental note of how cute the designs were.  Except for the one design (ballet tutu dress in pink mohair yarn), I can see Logan wearing all the designs in the book. I don't believe that there are designs that only certain gender can wear; I will knit and dress Logan in clothes with lace details, pinks, corals, and peaches with no hesitation. This is the only baby knits book I've purchased during this pregnancy and I will knit more from it after Logan is here.

I'm sewing more these days because I figured, knitting can be portable and I would probably be able to knit a little bit holding the baby or in my bed, but sewing would be difficult. Tracing, cutting, ironing are all a little more physically demanding than sitting pretty on the couch with yarn and needles. So! More sewing projects coming up this weekend and next week. I'm really curious about how many projects I will get to finish before Logan arrives!