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Other Obsessions: {Handspun} some hand dyed Panda and new BFL!

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It's much easier to spin than to knit with a newborn. I can just wear him in my ring sling or Boba wrap and just go. So last week, I finished the panda roving I dyed back in January. 


I originally wanted this to be sock yarn but the twist didnt come out tight enough. 


Hopefully, this is enough for a lace shawl. I plied with metallic thread so that the sunshine color really gets maximized.  


for my next project, I took out this top by Yarn Hollow. It was gifted to me when the Ashford Kiwi group of Ravelry did a swap fore than 2 years ago! So the top was a bit felted from just sitting there in my spinning closet but it was still fun to spin!


Tour de Fleece Week 1 recap

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Handdyed some 80% merino 20% tussah silk rovings yesterday and played with label ideas this morning. I'm planning to dye some (and spin some of them) for friends.

DSC03865 DSC03866 DSC03867


So how's everyone doing with their Tour de Fleece? I'm really making a huge progress. I finished my Louet Corriedale, all on the borrowed Traddy (aka Ashford Traditional) and then on my 3rd bobbin of Ashland Bay Gray merino.

I realized I didn't post pictures of the borrowed Traddy. So here they are.

DSC03812 DSC03823 DSC03830


It was kind of rusty from non-use, but I got rid of the rust (so they don't get on my yarn!) and oiled, oiled, and oiled. Do you see the OLD Ashford logo? And the conrod is LEATHER. This thing is so pretty. And unlike my initial judgment, this is SINGLE drive, making it really easy for me to get used to since my Kiwi is a single-drive wheel too.

I'm hoping to do some plying next week!