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[SPAKAL] Part 1 - spinning

Jean ChungComment

So I took a look at the fiber I had in my stash. Meet the contenders: DSC02261

And I decided on.....

DSC02265 DSC02266 DSC02267


i'm happy with my choice. I unbraided it and it felt so smooth in my hand. Spinning was glorious.


There are still thick spots but considering this is my second spinning project, I'm not complaining. I only hope it improves from here on. Maybe after plying it'll get better.. Or I can just cut it out when I knit with it. And I'm really not good at making it even on the bobbin...

I keep hearing that our feet are very sensitive and therefore the sock yarn has to be extremely even and smooth, otherwise we notice those lumps and bumps... So I HOPE this is good enough to be sock yarn. We shall see.

I'm done with the spinning part. Next, plying!