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Handmade Fashion Challenge 2015 Style Guide

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Teresa, of CanaryKnits and I announced the beginning of Handmade Fashion Challenge this morning. In order to help the participants to decide what to make from now until October 31, we put together this style guide.

- Style Guide -

1) Go look at your closet and take out everything you wore last week.


2) If your outfits from last week could talk, what would be the 3 words that describe your work, position, authority, personality and style?


3) From the last week's wardrobe, which one was your favorite outfit, and why? Which was your least favorite?


4) Plan your capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobe should be something that would fit into your luggage if you were to live out of a suitcase for a month but still look fashionable and put together. There are several approaches based on your answers from the last 3 questions.


a.  If your last week's outfits are basically shirts and tees in solid/muted colors over black pants a.k.a. "BORING" => Build your new look around basic items with cardigans or vests so you can layer and change the look. Take a look at the color wheel, and locate the color you frequently wear. Pick the color directly opposite from your "frequently worn" color. Make the new garment in that color.


b. If you found yourself saying something like, "I have nothing to wear!!!" more than once last week... => Make something really eyecatching: Dresses with bold prints, skirts with embroidery details or lace, flowy blouses.


c. If you realize you have 50+ tops and shirts but only 2 pairs of pants that work with your daily outfit or you have fancy dresses but very little comfortable outfits => Make something that would fill the "hole" in your closet.


d. If your favorite/least favorite outfits were based on fitting issues => Make something well-tailored to your shape. Take correct measurements of your body!


e. If your favorite/least favorite outfits were based on practicality such as "it's cold in the office but all I have is thin cardigans and skirts that bare my legs" => Make shawls or jackets to include in your daily wardrobe.


f. Develop a theme around the 3 words you have from Question 2. Do you need more serious outfits? Beachwear for vacation or weekends? Fun, flirty outfits for any upcoming holidays?


g. If you are still wondering what you should make => Make something challenging: Sew a pair of jeans perfectly tailored to your shape; knit elaborate beaded lace piece or cable sweater that will wow your friends; ,ake something from vintage patterns; mix up several patterns you have to create a new look.


{Announcement} Handmade Fashion Challenge

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I am an advocate for well-made handmade garments and accessories in this fast, trend-based fashion era.  Learning and participating in Fashion Revolution and MeMadeMay, I was starting to feel that many people, especially people who don't understand handmade clothing have this notion of Handmade = Homemade = cheap and ugly. I wanted to change that. Throughout the past 7 years since joining Ravelry and blogsphere, I have been inspired by so many indie designers and crafters. The finished objects I've seen were fashionable, flattering, filled with love and careful planning. Yes, there were some not-so-nice ones too:

But I promise, handmade fashion is not any less fashion-forward than mass manufactured fashion. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was catching up on podcasts on my ipod. I met Teresa, of CanaryKnits at TNNA 2 years ago and was thrilled to know that she had started podcasting. While I was listening to Teresa talking about decluttering, KonMarie Method from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and her capsule wardrobe, it made me think about my own closet full of unworn clothes, stash fabrics and yarns that was stuffed under the pile of clothes because my in laws occupied my work room since Logan was born. How awesome would it be to declutter, organize, get rid of things that do not "spark joy" and then fill the space with beautiful handmade clothing that I put love and care into from scratch.

I left a comment mentioning this thought on Teresa's blog and then the conversation started, and the idea turned into a real thing: Handmade Fashion Challenge 2015. 

WHY: Your clothing should be relevant to your life and impart positive energy into your every day. We want to encourage you to make pieces you’ll actually wear this fall/winter, and share the experience with your fellow crafters on Instagram!


WHAT: Mini collection of your choice of 4 pieces for your wardrobe fall/winter 2015 wardrobe. Anything, any craft, any skill level you want. But definitely something you’ll use.


WHERE: Instagram. The visual format is straightforward and the hashtaging allows everyone to easily share with each other. You can participate by announcing your planned pieces, photograph your progress, your finished items, and anything in between. Just remember to hashtag #hmfc2015


WHEN: July 1 - October 31, 2015.


PRIZES: A winner will be drawn from the pool of participants who have completed their challenge.


HOW: To be eligible for the prize draws, you MUST post finished garment photos of each piece you’ve created by October 31, 2015 with the hashtag #hmfc2015

Winner(s) will be announced on November 3, 2015.



Quiz: find out what will fit best in your wardrobe

Instagram: take fun and interesting photos with the free apps Aviary, Fused, Rookie, Instagram Layout, and more!

Thoughtful wardrobes: read more on the helpful Coletterie blog



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If you follow me on Instragram, you might have already seen what my weekend was like..

The sock drawer got organized, per Konmari method. #konmari #konmariemethod #knittersofinstagram #operationsockdrawer

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Organizing my side of the closet down to the minimum. #konmariemethod #konmari #homeorganization #declutter

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All this decluttering is so that I have enough room to do what Teresa, of CanaryKnits, and I have been brewing in the past couple of weeks. We will be announcing the details tomorrow but if you knit/crochet/sew, and are passionate about what you wear, you will love it. If you want some hints, here is the episode of CanaryKnits podcast that inspired it all.