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Lightweight sweaters for fall. Tee: Handknit, "Sweet Lil' Tee" pattern; Coat: Burberry; Jeans: AG Jeans Bootcut.

Lightweight sweaters for fall. Tee: Handknit, "Sweet Lil' Tee" pattern; Coat: Burberry; Jeans: AG Jeans Bootcut.

Last Sunday, the Daylight Saving Time ended and we did "fall backward." (as in Spring Forward/Fall Backward, for those of you not in the U.S.) And as if the weather finally realized it was time to move on, it rained on Monday. 

And today, I officially feel chilly in my sleeveless top and PJ shorts. This, my friends, officially marks the beginning of "colder season" in Southern California. 

Obviously, I wait all year for this time to wear all my handknits. Socks for bedtime and morning, sweaters and shawls for walking the dogs, and hats for rainy days. And I like to wear lightweight sweaters like my Sweet Lil' Tee for this transitional time into more colder season. 


Although the tee has cap sleeves, it is knitted in 100% merino wool. It is very insulating and therefore, all it needs is a light coat or a jacket to complete the look for the season. 

To accessorize, I like to keep things simple -- a men's watch ("borrowed" from my husband), orange brown lipstick, with tall heels to match the bootcut jeans. 

#hmfc15 Mommy & Me matching outfits

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I have been a horrible host for the Handmade Fashion Challenge.

but, before I left for Korea, I managed to sew something for me and my baby from the wrap I DIY'd when Logan was just a tiny baby and it was still 90 degrees in March. Now that this baby is almost 20 lbs, I can no longer wear him in a stretchy wrap but why would I let this beautiful bamboo blend fabric go to waste? 

First, my tee. The tee pattern is very simple, and I tried to modify the pattern to do a v-neck. The neck binding came out kind of funky so I refinished it by handsewing. Does anyone have a good tutorial for v-neck binding?


And the baby's romper came out so awesom! The bamboo fabric really keeps him cool and it came in handy in Korea. Everything we had brought from the States was useless because even the sleeveless ones were too thick! We bought a ton of thin, cotton and bamboo blends while we were in Korea but this handmade baby stayed. :)

With just over a month left of the Challenge, I might have to re evaluate my goals. I definitely won't have enough time for my original plans that included knits and crochet projects. All sewing? Does that feel like I am cheating on knitting?

Planning for mini collection!

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So, the Handmade Fashion Challenge 2015 begins! 

Last weekend, I did some major cleaning and decluttering. And it was such a drastic change! I loved getting rid of the things that had no impact on my life. 

I sat down to think about what I wanted to make for my mini collection. Something for the upcoming summer season, something more appropriate for work and nice dinner dates. These are what I came up with.


Shorts - Cynthia crochet shorts

I need a new pair of shorts! I have a lot of skirts and long jeans but I only have 3 pairs of shorts that are not for workout. I recently found this new pattern, Cynthia, and bought it to expand my crochet collection.


Top - Sydney top

I have been meaning to try something from Seamwork magazine by Colette Patterns. I think this Sydney top will be a perfect quickie project that will go a long way. It would look great with so many of my tank top and dresses. I think I might go with chambray fabric for this. 


Skirt - Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt

I love my pencil skirt that I bought from Korea in 2007. I still wear it to work often and it looks great. It's very flattering and makes my legs look long and lean. It's a wonder how I don't have more than 1 pencil skirt!

I have a lot of pencil skirt patterns but I think I'll try this pattern by Sew Over It. After all, the name says it all -- THE ULTIMATE pencil skirt :)



I used to have a Nice Claup cardigan, which was a hand-me-down from my cousin-in-law. It was in this soft ballet pink color and it went with everything I wore. The feminine color was perfect over dresses, and it was conservative silhouette appropriate for the office too. I had to throw it out last weekend during my declutter because it had a huge hole in the underarm and it was just not worth trying to fix it (who knows how long it will be before I get to it) and it broke my heart. I need to make one just like it!

I haven't decided which one to go for. I was hoping to find something with thinner yarn but these are the ones in my queue so far:

Snow Queen

Lodi Cardigan

Sadie Cardigan

I am going to do more research before deciding which pattern to go with!