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Wishing for two bodies and 10 sets of hands

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On the needles:

2nd sock yarn sweater for Logan | Handcrafted Fashion at  

2nd sock yarn sweater for Logan | Handcrafted Fashion at 

Do you recognize this sweater? Yes, it's the sock yarn sweater I knitted for Logan months ago in The Sheepwalk Fiber Arts fingering weight yarn. I really loved the simplicity of the design and the yarn so when it no longer fit on Logan, I decided to unravel it and knit the next size.

Since I had come to the realization that I have a hoarding problem, I decided to approach my knitting one project at a time. After all, I only have one set of hands. I have been working on this project only for the past 3 days and I realized something. It's still a LOT of knitting. I have this knitting project, and this blog, not to mention working on some sewing, some spinning, cooking for my family, and taking care of Logan. Life has a lot of stuff for me to do. 

After just 3 days, I am almost done with this sweater. Considering this is about 400+ yds of yardage project, that is pretty impressive. This means that even after having a baby, my knitting productivity hasn't really changed much. I am still quite busy during the day although I don't have a formal job anymore. I get up at around 7, cook and feed the baby, clean up the house a bit, put him down for his first nap, then take him out to the local library or baby boutiques for story/song time,  do grocery, feed and walk the dogs, and cook and feed the baby again... 

But by focusing on ONE project, knitting it at any spare time I have, I was able to almost finish a sweater! For the past 7 months, I have been knitting this and that and never really got to finish anything much. I only released 1 design and have so many more I have in my knitting bag. I hope this change will make my knitting life a little more prolific until the end of this year.

What hoarding problem?

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We knitters have a euphemism for our hoarding issue. We call that our "Stash." 


As if we are going to hibernate one day and need to stash all our yarns for the hibernating season.

Last weekend at Yarnosphere, I accumulated a lot of new yarns. And with holiday season coming up, I was on other yarn store websites, looking at yarns on sale. And then I got curious how my last year's serious effort to destash has worked out. 

So today, I went to pull out all the yarns from every corners of the house.

And I was fully disappointed.

Last year, when I decided to destash, I started with 3 plastic bins. When I gathered all the yarns, I had to get an additional bin. And the 3 bins I started out with last year? were still full. At least last year, the sock yarn bin was half empty. This year it's FULL!

And I found so many WIPs. Those alone filled the biggest basket I had in the house..  Unbelievable.

Remedy: Similar to the destash challenge I did last year, I decided to finish at least 1 WIP before casting on for a new one. I have 2 baskets: 1 full of WIPs, 1 full of bags with yarns and patterns I matched up with the yarns. When I'm done with one project from the WIPs basket, I will cast on from the other basket.

Fortunately, the WIPs I have are mainly from last winter, so they'll be weather appropriate once I am finished. I have a lot of baby knits on my mind right now, so wanting to knit for Logan will keep me on task (hopefully)!!!