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I'm on The Sweet Georgia Show!

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Last month, I received a very exciting email from the Sweet Georgia Show, inviting me on to the show for an episode. Felicia of the Sweet Georgia Yarns supported yarns for several of my designs in the past, and we've briefly met in person at TNNA before but never really had a chance to sit down and get to know each other.

Listen to the interview and read about the giveaway here



The giveaway ends on November 14, so be sure to submit your information for a chance to win a free pattern and a free ballet skirt!

We talked a lot about my day job, my passion for creating, and balancing and juggling everything. I am one of those people, "multipotentialite" (See TedTalk by Elimie Wapnick), and I have so many interests. Even before becoming a mom, I always pursued several interests at the same time, totally devoting myself to those passions. In high school, it was writing, journalism, and dancing; in college, it was dancing, political science, and Korean traditional drums. Finally, in law school, I was pursuing knitting, law, and yoga. 

So the idea of juggling many different passions is not new to me, although now that I'm older and not a student anymore, the expectations have grown. But this pressure is what keeps me sane and interested in life. When I tried to cut one aspect of my life, in hopes of simplifying my life a bit, it became boring and uninspiring. I was in a creative rut for several months!

Understanding how I work, and knowing when to let go were really important part of the lesson. I embraced my need to fill my life up with multiple passions, and when I reach certain point in the pursuit of that passion, I know that I need to take a break, and explore other options too. 

That's where I am at with Candy & Bagel as a brand. For many years, Candy & Bagel was the place where I did my knitting and designing. Now I have a need to pursue something beyond knitting and designing. More importantly, I have a need to grow Candy & Bagel into something that help me and people like me. 

Don't let your history or investment limit your growth. Sometimes, you need to analyze whether to let go and pursue something else, and let yourself have a little break. It's not the end, it's just part of your growth and expansion into the world. 


{New Pattern} Sweet Lil' Tee by Jean Chung

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Introducing my new design, Sweet Lil' Tee!

About 3 years ago, I knitted up a fitted tee in gray, and meant to release a pattern for it. 

Then, life happened, I had other designs to write for and so forth. Then when I went back to it, I felt like it needed to be in a whole different color. Anything bright and feminine but not gray.  

Suzoo's Wool Works was an LYS to me until the owner moved to Texas and started an indie yarn dyer business. And she had the yummiest shade of yellow that was aptly named "Sweet Lil' Buttercup," from which the name of this design was inspired. 


I love the easiness of the tee. The body is worked in the round and the stitch pattern kept my interest in the knitting without being fussy. The stitch pattern is not rigid and gives just the right amount of give when worn with the suggested negative ease. Then of course the bust turns into the mesh stitch pattern that gives a generous amount of stretch. The neckline is simple and shallow but wide, but not wide enough to fall off the shoulder.

It fits my 6mo postpartum body well and I love wearing it! I hope the weather cools down soon so I can wear it more often. :)

Free Pattern - My Handsome Boy Baby Sweater

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In my last post, I mentioned that I will be teaching at Yarnosphere in October this year. One of the classes I am teaching is a steeking class, specifically crochet steek. I really like using steeks to simplify my knitting, especially creating v-neck, which would usually involve dividing the front into 2 sections, and work on each side separately. 

I put together a simple baby sweater to demonstrate how I do my v-neck shaping on a cardigan. I am making this a free pattern for now, until maybe I make more sizes available. Currently, the size for this baby sweater is 3-6 months.

If you are local, and are interested in learning how to make this sweater in person, come to Yarnosphere and sign up for my class! I even have a Special Teacher's code to get you 15% off from purchasing my classes. Use the code: Jean15 to sign up for my classes!

Logan is 6 months old -- he is a little bigger than most 6 months olds though (21 lbs, 28") so it looks a little bit tight on him but still fits well enough for him to move.

Logan is 6 months old -- he is a little bigger than most 6 months olds though (21 lbs, 28") so it looks a little bit tight on him but still fits well enough for him to move.