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DOMA and Prop 8 are out!

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Back when one of my LYS was still in business, I was looking at some yarns and overheard a couple of elderly women talking about same sex marriage.

"I mean, marriage should be between a MAN and a WOMAN"

"where do they get this idea that marriage is a right? where does that say in our constitution?"

This was my 2nd year in law school, and I had every fiber in my body telling me to give them a US Government and Con Law class right there and there. You know, how both US constitution and the interpretation by the US Supreme Court are the law of the land, and the 3 branches of government, and Loving vs. Virginia (a case involving Equal Protection Clause under the Constitution, declaring laws that prohibit interracial marriage as unconstitutional)? I still, somewhat cowardly, somewhat wisely, walked away. I didn't want to make a scene at my LYS. (although to this day, I  keep thinking that I should have)

I hope those ladies get to read the US Supreme Court opinion today, where SCOTUS once again affirms that right to marry is an individual right and same sex couples cannot be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. 

What we have today is based on logic and legal principles. When you look at these and facts and precedents set by the court, there's just NO OTHER conclusion possible. 

Please don't bring in religion into a legal discussion we're having in a country where the Constitution does NOT allow the government from having any affiliation to a religious institution. 

And "LOGIC" is not the same as "Familiarity". Just because the society you're FAMILIAR with had segregation between Whites and Non-whites or Heterosexual couples and Same Sex Couples, doesn't mean that what you know islogical. Logic is justice reached by analysis of legal/mathematical principles and facts. 




Current Project....

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<Knitting> Mangyle is almost done, so I hope to be able to post some pictures by this weekend.

Currently, I'm working on Diminishing Rib Cardigan (Interweave Knits Spring 2009) and almost done with the body (working on the modified 3x1 ribbing as I'm typing this).

Next project must be some lace project, though. I need to whip up some quick pretty scarves for presents.


I have not forgotten to take pictures of my new home. I cleaned up nicely, and I'll take some photos of the apartment when I have some time.

<Bar prep>

As scary as it is, tomorrow is July 1. Which mean, I have exactly 27 days till the DAY. Wow.

It is a long process, much like a marathon.. I must keep reminding myself that the finish line is almost there. It has been a fun, crazy 3 years and 2 months. =)

June 9, 2009

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<Bar> Bar Trivia:  In Canada, the bar exam is an open-book exam.

But then, after you pass (who wouldn't?) you have to spend 10 months "articling" (I'm thinking this is like clerking?)

I'd choose the 2-day open book exam ANY DAY.

I put the reservation at the Best Western near Ontario Convention Center. Supposedly, it's one of the closest ones. Other ones were closer, but they were too expensive.


I am so glad I'm taking BarBri. BarBri + ASP are so great. I'm going to be completely honest here. I hated Whittier when I started 1L. The campus was too small, it was my safety school, blah blah blah.

But now that I graduated, I love it. The Summer Intensive program is awesome. I feel less intimidated by the bar exam now that we've gone through 3 weeks of bar prep. Do I know all the laws? HELL NO. But I feel mentally and physically prepared for it. I just hope I keep up with this pace throughout July.


A new LYS!! A new yarn shop opened last weekend: Knit Schtick.


Knit SchTick

355 Bristol St.

Costa Mesa, CA

(Past Ayre Hotel, in the little strip mall with Mon Amie Bridal Shop. It's one-way street there)

Website/Phone:; 714-557-4220.


They set up the whole thing in 3 weeks (literally, signed the lease 3 weeks ago) and made it look as fantastic as it is now so I have high hopes for this shop.

Some yarns they carry:

Malabrigo Worsted (YAY! and good color selections. YAY YAY!), Cascade 220 Superwash (YAY YAY YAY!!! although I didn't see the regular 220), other cotton yarns from Cascade (don't know the name), Ella Rae Classic (Only $6.25/skein? I gotta try those next time), Debbie Bliss, Twinkle Soft Chunky (only saw one color though, which was a bright pink), and some beatufiul novelty yarns (with beads).


I thought the prices were very reasonable. Ella Rae was $6.25, Superwash 220 was $10.25/skein, and Malabrigo was $11. I got Malabrigo at Knitter's Studio for $12 the day before.


Two big tables with lot of comfy chairs (dining table style). Plus two sofa chairs near the entrance.


I went last Sunday, which was their official Grand Opening. They did have a pre-sale on Saturday. Here are some photos on other people's blogs: Knitwith HomespunDouble Treble.

I couldn't go to their pre-sale because.....

I went to Knitter's Studio ( instead.  It's a small cute LYS on 3rd street near Beverly Center and The Grove mall.  I've been to those malls so many times, and ate at Joan's on 3rd NUMEROUS time, and still never bothered to look outside the window. I would've found this wonderful yarn shop months ago!

They had a book signing event with Wendy Bernard, the author of Custom Knits.

I must add some pictures later.

When I walked in, it was kind of quiet, opposite of what I was expecting (a bunch of women knitting, with their copies of the book tucked under their underarm, while standing in line to get their books signed) and everyone was *gasps* knitting! So it took me a couple of second to realize that the woman right in front of me was Wendy and it caught me off guard when she exclaimed, "you got my book there!"

Embarrassingly, my.. what it seems to be an early signs of menopause kicked in and I started getting hot flashes. Or, it could be just that I was embarrassed. I've never felt so awkward! A part of me was very very excited in that dorky way that I got to meet the author of my very first knitting book in real life. The other part of me was scornful, "hey, stop acting like a little teenager who just ran into her favorite boy band. PLEASE." Wendy even commented on how cute that I'm blushing.

My boyfriend quietly retreated towards the back of the shop and pretended like he was looking at yarns.. or his iPhone?

Anyways~ after that it went well. Wendy and I talked a little bit about Ravelry, about sizing (I'm still a novice when it comes to sizing. I usually pick Small and pray while I knit "please let it fit me, please"), and about... the bar exam. Her sister-in-law went to law school at Berkeley and failed it a couple times. Eeeek.

Then I got to walk around a bit and looked at the awesome selection of yarns. They had: Malabrigo worsted, Noro Kureyon, Noro Silk Garden, Rowan, Manos del Uruguay, Louisa Harding.

I got Malabrigo Worsted in Dark Earth (140), and Louisa Harding Merletto in Mink (2). I took pictures, so I'll upload them in a bit.

Again, a little bit on the pricier side, compared to Knit SchTick or The Sheared Sheep, but I loved the atmosphere. The lady who was working there helped me wind the Malabrigo into a ball. I've never used a ball winder before so I kind of panicked but it was ok. =)

Anyways, lot of knitting stuff this weekend. I love Knit SchTick. Love it MORE because it's like 2 minutes away from my other favorite yarn shop The Sheared Sheep, and 5 minutes away from my apartment.


Thanks to my beautiful sister, the apartment looks almost clean and normal. My room is still a bit of mess, simply because I cannot find time and energy. I'll do it this weekend whenever I have time. hehe.

Moving revealed some ugly truths I need to deal with:

1) I have  A LOT OF CLOTHES.

2) I need to get rid of most of them and update wardrobe. More lawyer-like, mature clothes.

3) I have lots and lots of yarn. and TOO many needles.

4) I have too many unfinished projects.

5) I have a serious case of a pack rat. Need to get rid of stuff. I have a binder-paper note from my bestfriend from high school, and a reader from college. OMG, that wasn't even my MAJOR, and I kept it (Art Studio 4D: Survey of Asian Art)

Ok, pictures to come....


Rosie's yarn cellar (MC) Manos