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A beautiful thing that happened on internet this week..

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Read about it here The original title for this article was "Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sihk Woman, Get Righteously Schooled.

I think the beauty of this story is that it doesn't stop at the woman in the picture speaking up for her faith and her choice of life; it goes on and shows that the person who posted the picture apologized to Reddit and the woman in the picture.

It's beautiful and this doesn't happen a lot on the internet.

What's more beautiful is observing my own reactions to the 1) photo, 2) the man who posted, and 3) the article itself.

I looked at the photo and my reaction was "uhhhhhhhhh?" it's a mixture of confusion and awe, perplexed by the "true identity" of the woman and which "category" I should place her in, and sincere respect for the woman who is brave enough to go out in public like this.

Prior to this article, I had no understanding whatsoever of Sihk belief system and what its followers do. It's amazing. There is always something new you learn everyday.

Then came the anger. I thought, what an asshole whoever that posted this picture for the purpose of ridiculing her on the internet. I don't pretend to know everything that goes on in the world and honestly, there are a lot that I don't really care about. I tend to think a lot of things are up to the individuals. Who am I to decide what THEIR lives should be like? It's only marginally better than ignorance; it may be worse because it could mean that I simply don't really care about the human race as a whole. I think I really do though. I just think that, everyone was born with a brain, they can think for themselves. The anger was directed at the person who posted the picture because the person needed to mind his or her own business.

I read further and oh my.. Like the writer said, something totally unexpected and miraculous happened: The original poster apologized!

I'm so glad that I came across this article this morning. I whole-heartedly agree with the writer that "my heart grew three sizes this day." It's hard to admit to the world that you were being stupid or ignorant. It's difficult to speak up for your faith, but it's just as hard to admit your flaws and learn from it. And imagine how pleased the woman in the picture must've felt after reading the apology! It just warms my heart.

By the way, I love the message on her t-shirt: Better Together.