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Did everyone have a good 4th of July?

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Fourth of July Mine was ok. The day before, on Friday, my best friend Karen came down to visit and spent a night.

It's always great just two of us. We cooked, talked (about everything: Michael Jackson, our friends, boys--kekekeke, my bar exam, my knitting, her work, her friends, church, parents...), took a walk around the lake... We ended up talking until 3:30am!

The next morning, we woke up around 8ish, cooked again, and prepared for our little picnic at Mile Square Park.

Korean style picnic!

Lake @ Mile Square Park

It was absolutely beautiful: breezy, sunny, and warm. There were a lot of people, but it wasn't crowded at all, since this park is just HUGE.  I had fun.. I ended up knitting a bit on my Diminishing Rib Cardigan a bit, while Karen napped. Would've been so great to go back there with Marty. =) And it was so great to take some time off from studying.

Current WIPs

Diminishing Rib Cardigan, Log Cabin Blanket a.k.a. July 09 Bar Blanket. Still haven't finished Mangyle. Not gonna stress about it.

Diminishing Rib Cardigan: I'm almost done with the body, and will be moving onto sleeves very soon. So far, I like the color and texture of the fabric. I think this is going to be a very cute cardigan when it's done. However, I don't like how magazines like Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting print the patterns. More paragraphs, please. I ended up writing the pattern on a separate notebook so I don't make a mistake...

Moderne Log Cabin: I'm on #5 now. I'm kind of debating whether to buy some more yarns to finish this blanket, which would kind of defeat the very purpose of why I chose to do this blanket (stash buster!). But I love the texture, and how thick it feels. I already kind of use it when I take a short nap in the library.

Felicity: I'm also trying out Felicity hat on some scrap yarn I had; I'm gonna knit a practice piece for Marty's approval, and then knit it in malabrigo worsted in dreamy Dark Earth color. =)  Very easy to follow the pattern, but I took the advice of many other knitters who already made one and cast on 90sts (instead of 70). I'm also working with US 6, throughout. I also added a 2x2 ribbing section on the edge, instead of purl & St st.

You gotta check out Brooklyn Tweed when you get a chance. I just found out about his blog today, but I'm familiar with many of his original patterns. Very Norah Gaughan-esque and very detailed and sensitive. I especially love his sense when it comes to selecting colors. It's so classy!

Current Project....

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<Knitting> Mangyle is almost done, so I hope to be able to post some pictures by this weekend.

Currently, I'm working on Diminishing Rib Cardigan (Interweave Knits Spring 2009) and almost done with the body (working on the modified 3x1 ribbing as I'm typing this).

Next project must be some lace project, though. I need to whip up some quick pretty scarves for presents.


I have not forgotten to take pictures of my new home. I cleaned up nicely, and I'll take some photos of the apartment when I have some time.

<Bar prep>

As scary as it is, tomorrow is July 1. Which mean, I have exactly 27 days till the DAY. Wow.

It is a long process, much like a marathon.. I must keep reminding myself that the finish line is almost there. It has been a fun, crazy 3 years and 2 months. =)

June 1!

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Holy... May disappeared so fast. Time goes by so fast when you don't have enough of it. BarBri:

Real Property #1 today. Omg, the professor was so hilarious. She is so crazy and so adorable. She kept us well entertained for the 3-hour lecture.

Officially moved in:

My sister and I have been moving into a different unit in our apartment complex for the past 2 weeks. It was a slow process but today is the official move-in date. This was because my sister's going back to Korea for the summer so that she can spend some time with Mom and Dad before she comes back and starts her junior year at UC San Diego (!! Congrats, again!), and so I needed to cut down the cost of living. It's still a one-bed apartment but slightly smaller, but roomy enough for me.

The bedroom sits on the 2nd story of the building, but it's just a garage underneath, so I don't have to worry about walking too loudly or anything. The window faces the big open space so I can keep my window open 24/7 now! No more kids and adults acting like kids running around the swimming pool! (Or some heavy PDA action in the jaccuzzi either....)

I'll post some pictures once we unpack everything...

Right Now:

I'm sitting in the library conference room, doing homework for the day. Property MBE questions. I'm really taking my supervisors at the DA's Office and really enjoying the whole process. It's going to be my one last chance to be a full-time student and I'm giving it all.


Sexy Vesty #2 (in muted red Berroco Comfort) is coming along nicely. I should be done by this weekend. It's going much slower than the first one (in black Caron Simply Soft) because I'm studying around 12~15 hours a day and only getting some knitting done during 10-minute breaks and briefly before bedtime.

Almost done with Marty's Mangyle. Delphine is hibernating.. I'm making a thin belt in metallic crochet thread & US #0 needles, which means I got only 3 cm done.

OH!!! I found this book in the local library the other day: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who is better known as Yarn Harlot (  It's a collection of short quotes from all knitters. It's a WONDERFUL book for people like me, studying for a major exam and not having enough time to actually knit. Between lectures, I just pull out this book (it's a size of a bigger index card; it fits right into your handbag) and read few pages of it. Only knitters would truly appreciate READING books ABOUT knitting.

My favorite quote is this: "I am happily married to a wonderful man, who is generous, funny, and kind. I have never even for one moment contemplated leavig him or being unfaithful. At least, that was true until I found out that one of the women in our knitting guild is married to a man who owns a yarn store and builds her cedar-lined, moth-repelling closets as his hobby.   I can't stop thinking about him." (Page 158)

LOL! This is kind of what I do too! Whenever I'm knitting in public, and then I'd feel like a certain male staring in that very excited, interested, I-wanna-ask-you-about-that-thing-you're-doing-but-I'm-just-going-to-watch-for-now way, I can't help but start imagining. He could be a knitter, or a yarn company owner, and loves yarn like he loves NBA or WWE or Wii. He might even be a Ravelry member! Haha. It's so lame and so freakish but I do it anyway. =P